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Ludo Raftaar Online

Easy Guide To Play Ludo Raftaar Online

Ludo Raftaar is more than just your average Ludo game, here the players have to complete the game within a strict time limit. The rules of a normal Ludo game do apply here but given the nature of the game, the players have to act quickly and make their moves in split seconds. The entire ludo game online has been capped to be completed in 7 minutes, so the player who does manage to collect maximum points and manage as many of their token in the home square will be victorious.

Steps to Play Ludo Raftaar Game

With a new version of the game, there are a set of rules that every player must follow. Learn the important step to play the ludo raftaar game carefully.

1. Place Your Tokens at Starting Point:

  • The players are assigned a launch pad with a designated colour, all four tokens are placed inside the launch area.
  • Here the players do not need a roll of six to launch their respective tokens on the board.

2. Start Rolling the Dice:

  • As mentioned above in the game of Ludo Raftaar you do not need a six on the roll of your dice to start the game.
  • Whenever a player rolls the dice and the number which appears on it will be the number of squares a token of the player can be moved.

3. Gameplay:

  • All 4 tokens will be at the starting point of their as per the assigned colour.
  • The total time for the game will be 7 minutes.
  • On the roll of the dice, the player will be able to move them in a clockwise direction on the board.
  • When there are two or more tokens in play by a single player, then the player can select which one of them they want to move on the roll of the dice. At a time only one token will be allowed to move across the board.
  • Plan and Strategize to eliminate the tokens and at the same time carve a safe passage for your tokens to home.

4. Make the Most of Defenses:

  • The star-marked squares on the board represent a safe spot where the token cannot be eliminated.
  • In total, there are 8 safe spots across the board where your tokens are safe and cannot be eliminated.

5. Scoring method:

  • +1 point will be awarded to the players when one square is moved by any of their tokens.
  • For every elimination, the players secure themselves +5 points.
  • For every elimination, incurred to a player’s token, then the total points travelled by that token will be deducted.

6. Reach the Home Square:

  • Before entering the home you have to complete further six squares and you need an exact number of the roll of the dice as per the requirement. For example, a player needs two to reach the safe zone but with the dice rolls, 3, 4, 5, and 6 the move cannot be made as 2 and 1 is the only moveable option.

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Ludo Raftaar Game Rules


  • All the 4 tokens will be at the starting point of the respective color yard.
  • Dice roll of 6 is not needed to activate a token.
  • The game time will be for overall 7 mins.
  • Upon rolling the dice, players need to move the tokens clockwise once around the board to reach the home column.
  • Token should move according to the dice value rolled.
  • When there are two or more tokens in play, player's can select the token they want to move around the track.
  • The game will start with player 1 and will end with player 2 (This means that if the dice is being rolled by player 1 and the countdown time ends then player 2 will get a chance to roll dice once despite the time is over).

Killing An Opponent:

  • If a player's token ends on a square which was already occupied by the opponent's token, the opponent's token moves back to the starting square.

Secure Spots:

  • There are a total of 8 secure spots. And once the token enters the home column, it's secured.
  • A player landing on any of the 8 secure spots cannot be killed and cannot kill any of the opponents' tokens.

Dice Roll:

  • Each player will be provided with 12 seconds to roll the dice and make a move. In case of no response, the player will lose their life.
  • Overall 3 lives will be provided to each player.
  • If a player has not rolled the dice within 12 seconds, they will lose one of their lives and the turn will pass to the opponent.
  • After missing 3 lives, a player cannot play the game further and will be confirmed as dismissed.

Winning the Game:

The player with the highest score wins the game.

Tie Situation:

  • In case of tie, prize money will be equally distributed.

Score Distribution:

  • Per square moved: +1 points.
  • Captured Loss: The total points traveled by the token will be deducted.
  • Captured Gain: +5 Points.
  • Home score (1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th Token): +56 Points.

Bonus Rolls:

  • Getting six on a roll.
  • Killing an opponent token.
  • Reaching a token onto the "Home" triangle.


  • If a player gets back-to-back 6s, they can only utilize 2 bonus turns, if the 6 is rolled for 3rd consecutive turn, the player won't get a bonus turn.

Game End Scenarios:

  • The game ends when the time is up.
  • If a player has landed all his 4 tokens inside the home triangle.
  • If a player has used up all his 3 lives, the game ends and his opponent wins the game.


  • Quitting/killing the app OR Leaving the game will be considered as forfeit and no price or refund will be provided for the same, at the same time the opponent will be declared as the winner.
  • In case of internet connectivity problems or app crash, players can reopen the app and will be reconnected to the same game session if active.

FAQ's of How to Play Ludo Raftaar

Q1. How do you play ludo raftaar?

Ans: Keeping in mind all the rules and structure of the game you can enjoy playing ludo raftaar gaming on your favouirte gaming app.

Q2. Which ludo app gives real money?

Ans: The Playerzpot ludo app offers you to earn real money by play cash ludo and ludo raftaar games.

Q3. Is there any trick to win ludo raftaar game?

Ans: There are a few tricks and tips to win the ludo raftaar game which you can apply to your game. However, regular practice and focus is a true tricks that will help you win ludo raftaar games.

Q4. Is Ludo game based on luck?

Ans: No, the game of Ludo is a game of skill and is not based on luck.
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