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Easy Guide To Play Snakes, Ladders & Ludo Game

Snakes, Ladders & Ludo is one of the most popular and loved board games that is being played by people across all age groups over the last several years. The game known today as Snakes, Ladders & Ludo was invented in India in the 2nd Century. Since then, the game has advanced into a modern version of what we know today. With the advancement of online gaming, Snakes, Ladders & Ludo have taken off as one of the most popular games to be played online. As the Internet became affordable alongside the enhancement of technology, online versions of Snakes, Ladders & Ludo began to integrate interesting features such as graphics, sound, and animation. If you want to have the best experience of playing Snakes, Ladders & Ludo, Playerzpot is the best destination to enjoy.

Steps to Play Snakes, Ladders & Ludo Game

On Playerzpot, there are rules that need to be followed by players playing Snakes, Ladders and Ludo. It’s a process of how to play:
1. Rolling the Dice: Snakes, Ladders and Ludo game starts once the first player rolls the dice and moves their designated on the numbered board. On the Playerzpot app, the game is played with one six-sided dice. Dice plays a crucial role in the game as it decides the fate of the player. When a player rolls the dice and lands on a square with the ladder, then he/she climbs up the ladder and will be ahead of the opponent players. In case a player lands on a square that has a snake, that player has to move down to the tale of a snake and will be behind the opponent players.
2. Taking the Turns: Most of the players know this basic rule of the game that the first player to the left takes the first turn by rolling the dice and making the first move on the board as per the number shown on the dice. After the first player makes the move, the next player on the left will roll the dice and move their designated piece on the board. The turns will take place in a clockwise direction. The clockwise rotation will keep happening until the first player reaches the 100th square and wins the game.
3. Bonus Turn: If a player rolls a six, then he/she gets an extra turn. Firstly, a player must move their piece forward six squares and then he rolls the dice again. If that player lands on Snake or Ladder, then he/she moves their piece up or down and rolls the dice again to take the extra turn. As long as the player keeps rolling six, the player keeps on moving. This can be very advantageous for the player as it increases their potential of reaching the finish point before their opponents.
4. Killing a Player: Killing a player means if a player lands on the same square which was already occupied by another player, they send the other player back to the starting square. The player who occupied the same square earlier will not move from there and carries on their turn as usual. It’s important to note that landing on the same square occupied by another player does not cause any special event in the game. Simply means, if a player lands on the same square as another player, that player must back move to the unoccupied or starting square.
5. Winning the Game: The main aim of the Snakes, Ladders & Ludo is to reach the 100th square by moving the game piece along a path of squares. The first player to do so wins the game. To win the game, you must roll the dice and move your piece on the board. If two or more players reach the last square of the board on the same turn, they are considered to have tied for the victory.

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Snakes, Ladders & Ludo Game Rules


  • Snakes, Ladders & Ludo is played between two players.
  • To activate any token, the player has to roll the dice and get 6.
  • Users will have to play the game using 2 tokens.
  • To win a game, a player has to take both his token to the winning tile(Tile number 100).
  • When a player's token is bitten by a snake, the token is taken to the tile when the tail ends.
  • When they climb a ladder, the token is taken to the tile where the ladder ends.
  • Whenever a player lands on any tile where an opponent's token is present, the token to arrive later will kill the previously present token/tokens sending them to the start tile.

Bonus Rolls:

  • Upon getting a 6 on the dice roll.
  • Climbing a ladder.
  • Killing an opponent.
  • Reaching the finishing tile (Tile 100).
  • If you get a 6 & get bitten by a snake then you lose the bonus roll.

FAQ's of How to Play Snakes, Ladders & Ludo

Q1. How to play the Snakes, Ladders & Ludo game?

Ans: Firstly, download Playerzpot App from the website via the app link for Android Users and App Store for iPhone users. Then, sign in with your mobile number and fill up your details. After that, go to fantasy games and select Snakes, Ladders & Ludo and download additional files of the game.

Q2. How does the Snakes, Ladders & Ludo game start?

Ans: The game will begin once the first player on the left rolls the dice and move their piece.

Q3. How do Snakes, Ladders & Ludo end?

Ans: The game will automatically come to an end after the first player to reach the 100th square wins the game.

Q4. How to win a Snakes, Ladders & Ludo game?

Ans: Winning the Snakes, Ladders & Ludo game is simple. All you have to do is to move your piece on the numbered grid and make sure that you land on the square with the ladder. The faster you move up, the faster you will win the game.

Q5. What are the rules of the Snakes, Ladders & Ludo game?

Ans: The basic rule of the game is to roll the dice and move your piece on the numbered board. If you land on a ladder, then you will move up. If you land on Snake, your piece will slide down to the tail of the snake.
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