Ludo is one of the most beloved board games played by four players. The game has over the years transcended generations and is still being played by millions. The number of players joining to play this game is on the rise all thanks the technological advancement and ease of playing through online gaming apps. The online Ludo world has just created a huge community of its own where players from all over gather and engage in enjoying their favourite game Ludo. With the craze to play ludo online more and more players are flocking towards the game and why not, the game that has planning, execution, and finishes everyone wants a piece of the action.

Although it is worth noting that playing online Ludo is not at all easy and simple as it involves strategies and planning. Yeah, it sure is an interesting game to play but investing your money in playing cash game from the get-go is a rather huge ask, especially if you are new to playing this game in an online setting.

Players have been developing their own ludo tips and tricks which in turn has helped them massively when in a competitive setting. However, for the newbies to the game, it is difficult to understand the flow of the game let alone be developing their own tricks and strategies. For that purpose, we have laid down a few ludo tips & tricks that will not only sharpen your ludo knowledge but also help you in winning games.

Here Are 5 Ludo Hacks and Winning Tips That Will Help You Win Games

With the use of these tactics and tips, you can always change your game for the better. But keep in mind that mentioned tips and suggestions are some of the core ideas of the game so always plan your ideas around them.

#1. Understand the Rules of the Game

The most important hack to help you win the game of online Ludo is the know the rules of the game and print them in your head. Remember with so many different gaming websites offering their version of the ludo game it is important to get to know the structure of the rules and regulations of that particular game. However, despite evolving in the digital space the game of ludo still maintains its core essence. So the advice here is to play more and more games in the initial stages so that you are well-versed with the rules and structure of the gameplay.

#2. Always Try to Set Traps

One of the most important tips for ludo is to strategize the elimination of your opponent’s pieces. The best way to go about this is to have your colored token near your home while another one is a few steps ahead on the safe zone square. Notably hear both your tokens will be safe from the enemy but you will have a trap ready for them, here upon entering the trap zone you will have twice the opportunity to take a swing at killing the opponent’s token of the board. It’s not just the placement but the timings of your kills that will shock your opponents for they can also see your tokens spread across the board. Do keep an eye out as your opponents might be setting a trap for you as well.

#3. Keep Your Tokens in Pairings

This is one of those hacks that has been implemented by seasoned players. The rule of the game is simple at a time only one piece can be struck off the board in elimination, the advantage of having a pair is that even if you are caught off guard your second option remains open thus you have a play on your hands. Now you would rather take one hit than two in a game of ludo and this works not only in defensive strategies but can be used as offense too. So make sure you have your tokens in close proximity to pairings this will certainly enhance your game style.

#4. Never Go on a Solo Ride

If you want to shoot yourself in the leg while playing ludo online, going solo would be the way to do so. The game is clear, you have 4 tokens all important in their own right, and without a balance and proper support, you cannot go on and win the game. Often the players despite rolling sixes on multiple occasions fail to launch their tokens from the home board but just are fixating on reaching the finish line with the one they have running. Nothing wrong with that but remember there are three more tokens in play and it is indeed a better choice to have a spread of them on the board rather than dusting in your home.

#5. Plan Your Moves Well Ahead of Your Turn

Planning is an essential part of the ludo game, without it you will have no direction or clear idea about your gameplay. In a game that changes constantly with the turn of each player on board, how is it possible to plan ahead right? Well, we do get the idea of how things can change drastically in a game of ludo but that changes are once in a while, and in the initial stages planning is what will give you an upper hand throughout the game. Even if your plan does not go as you would have thought but the idea and the process lead to better improvisation which is a solid advantage one can have while playing online ludo.

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Whenever you are playing ludo online make sure you have learned and memorized these easy tips and hacks. Playing ludo is certainly the most relaxing and entertaining thing you can do but whenever you are playing ludo for money make sure you have mastered all the tricks in the book. For every move, you have mastered there is another possibility or an outcome and such is the game of ludo so it’s better to evolve with the game.

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What Are Some Effective Ludo Player Tips and Tricks to Enhance My Gameplay Strategy?

Here are some of the most effective ludo player tips and tricks you can add to your game. Get a good spread of your tokens on the board all within a close vicinity, and always be aware of the star-marked safe places these are safe haven in sticky situations. Last but no least, set traps to capture opposition’s token and race your way to victory.

What Are the Secret Ludo Winning Tricks?

There is no such thing as secret ludo-winning tricks but there are few concrete strategy that can help you win. Here are some, always leave one token near the home square it will serve as a guard or a trap. Next, always move in groups, and do not leave your tokens too far off from each other. Single out the opposition and capture their pieces.

Is It Safe to Play Ludo Online?

Yes, playing Ludo online on a reliable and trusted gaming platform like Playerzpot is completely safe. Here the players have a secure gaming environment where there is a level playing field for all. With the best use and implementation of your skills, one can win huge cash rewards.