Ludo is a classic game loved by people of different age groups, but it becomes more irresistible when a twist of time gets added to the game.

In classic games, players can pick their own pace while moving the tokens. ludo raftaar design takes away the liberty of time, and players are pushed to make their decisions fast. Therefore, ludo raftaar is similar to the classic ludo game. Here strategy plays a key role, except for the added time limit. The dice decides how much the token will move, but the players get less time than in the traditional ludo game. 

How To Download Raftaar Ludo Game App?

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How To Play Ludo Raftaar Game?

Ludo Raftaar is a version of the conventional ludo game and has similar rules. The specialty of ludo raftaar is: with a roll on your dice, your token gets a chance to move, but with every turn, there is a specific time limit. 

You have this score when your token moves or reaches home, and you cut the opponents. You must score the highest point to win the game and earn cash prizes. Therefore you need to set strategies. It will help you learn how to play ludo raftaar to get a higher score within a limited time. So you better practice your game consistently to sharpen your skill and modify your tactics to win every game.

Some General Rules of Playing Ludo Raftaar

Ludo Raftaar format differs from the classic ludo, and here are some general rules of the game-

  • The tokens move clockwise, and your token moves based on your score on the dice. You will get one point for passing every square.
  • Your points get deducted if your competitor cuts your token. Thus, they receive points for this action.
  • You will get a bonus roll for scoring six in the dice, but if you get three sixes, you don’t get it. Your competitor gets the chance to roll the dice.
  • There are a bunch of secured squares all over the game, and when the tokens are in those places, you cannot cut them. The start point, home columns, are one of those secured spots. The tiles with arrows and stars on them are also safe spots.
  • When a token reaches home, the scores multiply. For example, the first token scores 50 points after reaching home, the second scores 100, and more. 
  • To establish a safe zone, a player must get at least two tokens of the same color on a shield’s tile.
  • The player who secures the most points is declared the winner of the game, and the other positions are decided based on their scores.

Tips and tricks to Play and Win Ludo Raftaar

  • Open The Tokens:

There is no certainty of getting a six score in ludo, but it is essential for opening your tokens. 

Therefore, you should open all the tokens with every six scores on the dice. It will give you the flexibility to distribute your dice score.

  • Place Your Tokens At Secured Spots: 

Try to keep your strong tokens at the secured spots. It will prevent your opponent from cutting your token when they are near home.

A token is a strong token when they have passed the second quadrant.

  • Scatter Your Tokens: 

Strategically scatter your token all over the board to chase your opponent’s token and cut it when needed.

  • Keep An Eye On Your Opponent’s Movement: 

In ludo raftaar games, you must observe your opponent’s moves. It will help you keep your tokens safe as they will also try to cut your token. You will also know to cut their tokens and increase your score.

  • Block Your Enemy’s Tokens: 

You will not always get a chance to cut your opponent’s tokens, but you can slow down the progress of their strong tokens by blocking them. Place your tokens in “secured spots” so they can’t pass them without getting chased.

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Classic ludo games are like nostalgia related to childhood, but when it comes to ludo raftaar, it is the most-liked adrenaline rush for the players. The fast pace challenges the decision-making power of the players and sharpens their skills. You can practice and make effective strategies to win ludo games. Want to enjoy your game and earn money at the same time? Join Playerzpot and win real cash every day while playing ludo raftaar.