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Game Rules

Game: -

The game is played between 2 players, where each player is provided with 4 tokens.

Game Start:

All the 4 tokens will be at the starting point of the respective color yard that was assigned, there is no need of getting a 6 to activate a token. Any number on the dice can activate the token.

Dice Roll:

  • The roll of dice needs to be quick.
  • Each player will be provided with 12 seconds to roll the dice and make a move. In case of no response, the player will lose their life.
  • Overall 3 lives will be provided to each player. The first, second and third life will be of 12 secs each.
  • If a player has not rolled his dice and his 12 seconds gets, he will lose one of his life and the turn will pass to the opponent.
  • After missing 3 lives, a player cannot play the game further and will be confirmed as dismissed.


  • A token moves in a clockwise direction around the track.
  • A player must always move the token according to the dice value rolled, for each square moved the player scores '+1 Point'.
  • Once a player has one or more tokens in play, he selects the token which he wants to move around the track.
  • If an opponent's token is blocking the player's pathway, the player will need to land on the same space as the token to capture it. The player cannot move past that token. Passes are not allowed, if no move is possible, the turn moves to the next player.
  • If the advancement of the player's token ends on a square which was already occupied by the opponent's token, the opponent token is returned to its owner's yard. In this scenario, the player will gain '+20 points' and the opponent will lose '-20 points'. On top of that, the player whose token has killed the opponent player's token will get a bonus turn to roll the dice.
  • Rolling of a '6' earns the player an additional or bonus roll in that turn. If the bonus roll results in a '6' again, the player earns again an additional bonus roll. If the third roll is also a 6, the player may not move and the turn immediately passes to the next player.
  • There will be multiple "Secured Spot" in the game residing on which player's token will be safe and cannot be killed. Even the "Start Position" is the "Secured Spot".
  • The game will start with player 1 and will end with player 2.

Advancement towards home

  • A player's home column squares are always safe since no opponent may enter them. A token can only be moved onto the "Home Triangle" by an exact throw of the required number.
  • If a player's token lands on "Home triangle" he will score '+50 points'. For every first token landing on the "Home triangle" will score '+50 points' and 2nd token landing on the home he will score '+100 points'

Winning the Game

The player with the highest score wins the game.

Score Distribution

  • Per square moved: +1 points
  • Capture score: +20 points
  • Captured Loss: -20 points
  • Home score (Take 1st token): +50 points
  • Home score (Take 2nd token): +100 points
Game End scenarios
  • The game ends when the time is up.
  • In case the time is not over and a player has been able to land 2 tokens into the "Home triangle" the game ends.
  • If a player has used up all his 3 lives, the game ends and his opponent wins the game.

Bonus rolls

Following are the scenarios when a player will get a bonus roll:
  • Getting six on a roll.
  • Killing an opponent token.
  • Reaching a token onto the "Home" block.

Tie Situation

In case of a tie situation, the prize amount will be split between both the players.


  • Quitting/killing the app OR Leaving the game will be considered as forfeit and no price or refund will be provided for the same.
  • In case of internet connectivity problems or app crash, players can reopen the app and will be reconnected to the same game session if active.
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