Chess Online is one of the most popular online gaming not just in India but across the world. The game of Chess is often considered as the respected game in the world as it is played by the intellectuals. The game has always been linked with intelligence and strategy. 

The most important thing one must know before playing Chess is how to open the game, which is known as Chess Opening. It is the most fundamental part of Chess as it will establish the base of your game. Chess Openings are very easy to understand but one needs to apply their mind while making the moves. Oftentimes, the beginners begin their game without knowing Chess Opening. 

While playing Chess, one must have their focus on the board rather than getting distracted by the surroundings. We have often seen players feel more relaxed or loosen up if the gameplay is not intense in the beginning. In such cases, the game will not be in your favor as the openings will only set your game right and hold the power to form a strong attack and defense against your opponent. 

The people who have played the traditional chess board game must have mastered the art of chess openings. Ever since the internet and technology came into existence, the traditional way of playing Chess has become a bygone. Those who have migrated to the online version of Chess board game might have found it difficult to play but later, they got adapted to it. Irrespective of whether you play Chess offline or online, the basics of Chess Opening are must. 

Here are five basics of Chess Opening in Chess Online

1. Mobilize Pieces

One of the main rules or basics of opening in Chess Online is mobilizing your pieces. Move your pieces in such a way that they cover all the squares where it will have a significant impact on your game and might pose a threat to your opponent. All you need to do is bring out knights first, the move your king and queen pawns so that the bishops can be developed. The queen and rooks can be played later until minor pieces and pawns are no longer available for the moves. 

2. Center Control

While playing Chess Online, you must have a basic understanding of controlling the center. The control of central squares in the game of chess is important as it will allow your pieces to be moved around effortlessly and thus, it will hamper your opponent’s game. Preferably, the center control can be effectively used by placing pawns there, establishing them on squares e4, d4, e5 and d5. These squares are the most powerful in the game of Chess or Chess Online. When you place your pieces in central squares then you will have the upper hand in the game. 

3. Movement of Pawns

While making movement of the pawns in Chess Online, you must apply your mind tactically. At the start of the game, a player needs to have a few pawns in order to let out your pieces. When you make any movement of your pawns, it should serve as development/mobilizing of your pieces. Once the pawns advance, then it will give way to knights and bishops. Oftentimes, players lose the game as they are obsessed with their pawns and fail to mobilize other pieces. 

Most players will look to avoid the creation of pawns weakness in openings of Chess Online, such as doubled, isolated and backward pawns. Some openings give up their endgame considerations in order to create a quick attack on the opponents. 

4. Avoid Bringing Queen Early

If you have ever played traditional Chess, then you would clearly know that bringing your Queen early is a waste. This same applies while playing Chess Online. If you bring Queen early to your game,  then it will negate the tip of mobilizing the pieces at the start of the game. Queen is the most unguarded piece in the game as the opponent will not refrain from capturing it. Bringing the Queen early to your game is possibly a waste for other moves in saving the Queen. 

Another reason one shouldn’t bring the Queen early is that to refrain from making moves of the same piece twice. This is not applicable to just Queen but other pieces as well. If you play around the same piece twice then you are wasting time. Use the same piece twice only when you are ready to attack the opponent or capture one of their pieces. 

5. Safety of the King

One of the most important things one needs to keep in the mind while playing Chess Online is the King’s safety. King is the most important piece in the game of Chess as your game will purely rely on the safety of it. A player needs to fort/castle their King early in the game to avoid being checkmated. Once your opponent begins to mobilize/develop their pieces then it would be tough to protect your King. Castling your King will help you to bring out the rooks in the middle of the game, which will be a huge benefit for your game.