Rummy Game is one of the most popular card games in India. Indian rummy is a variation of a rummy game that includes valid sets out of 13 cards that are spread out to every player on the table. Earlier, rummy used to play physically but nowadays due to the existence of technology and online gaming, the game has moved to online. 

Today, there are online rummy cash games like Rummy Gold, Ultimate Rummy, Play Rummy Card, Indian Rummy Card and others, where you can play and win the cash reward. Online rummy games organize several tournaments and experts will participate in order to win exciting cash prizes.

People who have played online rummy know well that it is a game that requires a lot of skills in order to become an expert or advanced player. In each and every rummy game, you need to be evolved with new strategies if you want to outplay your opponents. Experts in rummy often apply tactics and skills which shall give them a winning edge over their opponents. As a beginner, the only way to up-skill to your game is by regularly playing online rummy games. A novice can become an expert if they apply good skills and tactics. 

Here are five smart moves every beginner can apply to improve their skills and strategies: 

1. Monitor Your Opponents’ Moves

While playing online rummy games, you must develop the skill of observing opponents’ moves rather than merely focusing on their cards. As a novice or beginner to this game, your focus will usually be on the cards and use them in the best possible way. Nonetheless, if you want to outsmart your opponents, then you must monitor their game. This will help you in strategizing your game by understanding what kind of cards opponents are holding. The experts often learn and keep their eyes on opponents’ moves as it would provide them a winning edge. Thus, as a beginner, try to consistently apply this tactic while playing online rummy as it can give you an advantage over your opponent. 


2. Stay Focused and Be Patient

Every passionate player will know that focus and patience are a must while playing a rummy game. When you play rummy online, you tend to keep your mind focused and have patience rather than getting excited by your moves. Oftentimes, novices or beginners are likely to lose patience or feel anxious in an online game like rummy. As the game progresses, there will be many moments that can thrill you but shouldn’t let those moments get over you. Experienced players are mostly patient and focused, even if they have a good hand, and they instead monitor opponents’ play before making any smart moves.


3. Drop Your Cards

One of the most important things every player must learn is how to drop the cards in the middle of the online rummy. As a beginner to the game, you might look to play a lot of hands in every round despite the fact that your winning chances are slim. In such a scenario,  the best possible way is dropping the cards. If you continue playing online rummy when your hands are unfavorable, then you tend to lose the game. There is nothing wrong in dropping your cards as it will help you avoid defeat unnecessarily. As you start playing online rummy, you will understand the importance of dropping the cards. Experienced players often use this tactic in case they feel that the game or hands are not in their favor. 


4. Hold on to High-Value Cards

The beginners who just got into online rummy or simply rummy might be confused with what needs to be done with High-Value cards. Sometimes, rummy players do get rid of High-Value cards in the beginning of the game, which might give an advantage or winning edge to your opponent. However, experts in online rummy will look to hold on to High-Value cards instead of discarding them in the start as they know these cards need to be given higher values. As a beginner to the rummy game, you must learn to hold on to High-Value cards as it will give you the possibility of making a set. Experienced players apply this strategy in order to get a grip of their game.


5. Trick Your Opponents by Bluffing

In online rummy, bluffing happens very rarely but it is a strategy that every rummy player applies to trick their opponents. Experienced players often use this tactic or trick against their opponents by showing the impression of good hands. Therefore, it’s important to have this secret method as it would give you an advantage over your opponents. However, you shouldn’t underrate the skills and confidence of your opponents, instead, bluff them by discarding the lower-value cards. While making this smart move, you need to know when, how and against which appropriate opponents you want to bluff. 

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