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Play Most Loved rummy Game

Play Most Loved rummy Game

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100% Safe and Secure

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The Great rummy Experience

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Best Rewards and VIP Services

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About Rummy Game Play Rummy Online Fantasy Rummy

    It's All About Rummy | Play Rummy | PlayerzPot

    Rummy is widely accepted as the most enjoyable card game across the globe. There are different versions played around the world but the core aspects and the basics of the infamous game remains the same. There are several theories on the origins of the game but the most widely accepted proposal is that it evolved from a game called ‘Conquain’ in Mexico and Spain from there on it made its way to Europe and Asia.
    Rummy also has its root in Asia as well, with the card game ‘Mahjong’ in China that was played and enjoyed as the popular card game thousand of years ago. This version has a similar pick and drop play style as rummy. In the 19th century, the same variation then evolved over time and was known as ‘Kon Khin’. Hence this backs the argument that 13 Card Rummy might have originated in Asia and subsequently reached India.
    There are also interesting facts on how the game got its name, it is believed that the word ‘rummy’ comes from the word ‘rum’ which is British slang for odd, peculiar and strange. It could have been a way how the Brits saw it and thus called the game by this name. Another belief is that the name has been derived from an alcoholic beverage rum, as the player who lost the game was supposed to pay for the next round of the drinks with rum being the popular drink back then.
    The rummy card game despite the fact having a number of origin stories has transcended beyond the boundaries of the world and has now evolved into a highly entertaining card game. It is so well accepted and appreciated that it has formed a culture for those who enjoy playing this game. Online rummy has truly been setting benchmarks and is breaking all records there are for any online games with more influx of players and growth expected in near future.
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How To Play Rummy? Rummy Real Money Game Download Rummy Game

    The main objective here is to arrange the 13 cards in sequences and sets. To win the game you need a minimum of two sequences out of which one needs to be a pure sequence and the rest can be valid sequences or sets. The player who makes the declaration first is crowned the winner. The catch is to make melds and reduce points in your hands.
    The players involved at a time can range from 2-6 with each player being dealt 13 cards and a random card being selected as a joker. The joker can help you form sequences and sets but the meld formed using the joker is impure one beware of this fact. As per the rules of Indian Rummy, the player who has to arrange all the 13 cards in 2 valid sequences and 1 impure sequence or sets can make a declaration to win the game.

    How To Form Sequences?

    There are two types of sequences: Pure sequence and Impure sequence.

    1. Pure Sequence

    A pure sequence is a group of three or more consecutive cards arranged in the same suit. To form a pure sequence in a rummy card game you can not make the use of the Joker.
    Example of pure sequence
    • 4❤️, 5❤️, 6❤️, 7 ❤️ here the cards are arranged in pure sequences without the joker.
    • 6 ♠️ , 7 ♠️ , 8 ♠️ , 9 ♠️ here the arrangement of cards increases but the consecutive cards form a pure sequence without the joker.

    2. Impure Sequence

    Impure sequence on the other hand can be formed using three or more cards with the use of a joker.
    Example of impure sequence
    • 3❤️, 4❤️, K (K here is a joker card and therefore it is converted in 5❤️ to form an impure sequence.)
    • 5 ♠️ , 6 ♠️ , K, 8 ♠️ (K here again completes the impure sequence by representing number 7 ♠️ in the set of the cards displayed).

    How To Form Sets?

    Sets can be formed by the arrangement of three or more cards with the same face value. You can also use a joker to form your sets.
    Example of a sets
    • Three Aces together form a set, while a quad of 8’s of all suits can also be termed as a set.
    • In the case of the addition of a joker - In a set of variants of 9❤️, 9❤️, 9❤️, Q. The Q can be used as a wild card joker to complete the set.

FAQ Rummy App Play Rummy & Win Cash

    1. How Do I Start Playing Rummy?

    To start playing Rummy on PlayezPot you will need to complete the registration. This can be done by using your email address or phone number. After filling up all the details you will be provided with a username and password through which you can enter the PlayerzPot application and enjoy playing your favourite Rummy game.

    2. What Are the Variants Available to Play Rummy?

    There are five different types of variations of Rummy available on PlayerzPot. These are Points Rummy, 101 Pool Rummy, 61 Pool Rummy, Deals Rummy, and 201 Pool Rummy.

    3. How Do I Join A Rummy Table?

    First, select the option of Play Rummy on the PlayerzPot App. Then click on the variant of the game you want to join - Points, 101 Pool, 201 Pool, 61 Pool, and Deals Rummy. On clicking on any of these options you will then be redirected to a table where you can start playing.

    4. How Do I Know When the Game Starts?

    Once you are seated at the table, there will be a countdown and each player will be given cards according to the arrangement of seating order. After this, the cards would be dealt to each player, a joker card pulled out and one card will be kept open.
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