Rummy Game is one of the most popular online games in India. It is considered as an extension of gin rummy and 500 rummy. Indian rummy is a variation of a rummy game that includes valid sets out of 13 cards that are spread out to every player on the table. Earlier, rummy used to play physically but nowadays due to the existence of technology and online gaming, the game has moved to online. 

Today, there are online rummy cash games like Rummy Gold, Ultimate Rummy, Play Rummy Card, Indian Rummy Card and others, where you can play and win the cash reward. Online rummy games organize several tournaments and experts will participate in order to win exciting cash prizes. Whenever the players play a rummy game, they will look to pick a joker on their first turn. Because the joker will help the player to turn the game in their favor and with this they can play the rummy game to their potential. That’s why Joker is a more powerful card than any cards in a rummy game. 

Joker card is a secret-weapon in the Indian rummy game and is the most beneficial card for experts and beginners. Joker card is used as a substitute or replacement for any missing card in a sequence or set. Since it carries zero points, one has to  tactically use the joker cards in order to reduce the points in hand. Therefore, it is important understand on how to use jokers card wisely in rummy game

There are five ways one can tactically use the joker cards: 


1.Jokers need to be used carefully 

Some players often tend to lose the tournament or game in Rummy irrespective of having multiple jokers in their hand. This is because some players have a lack of understanding or knowledge of using the card carefully. Those who have been playing rummy games for a long time know that jokers are used to create impure sequences by using them as a replacement or substitute for any missing card. Nonetheless, the smart brains use jokers when they are unable to get the desired card after a few rounds of the game. 

For example, if you have created two sequences, one impure sequence and one pure sequence, then you use jokers to make up for the remaining cards in the game. 


2. Impure sequences and jokers

To create an impure sequence in a rummy game then a player must have a joker card in their hand. However, it might make a huge difference in their game once they come to know which card is getting replaced or substituted by the joker. For example, if you have middle cards like four and five and 10 and J as high value cards. In case, you are looking to replace or substitute a joker card with middle cards, then you are missing out on possible combinations with four and five. 

The reason is that middle cards like four and five can be more easily arranged into combinations than the cards with high values like 10 and J. If you try to hold on to cards with high values then the player in the game will declare before you and thus your penalty will be increased. 


3. Use brain while discarding a joker

When you want to discard a joker, then you should be smart enough in doing so,  especially while online rummy games. Oftentimes, players in online rummy games have more joker cards but they are unable to trade them for anything. This means, having more joker cards in your hand is actually a disadvantage. For example, if a player has four joker cards in their hand and is struggling to create a pure sequence, then that player can pick out a joker right away. If you discard a joker intentionally, the opponent player cannot pick that joker. 


4. Play without a joker 

As soon as the game starts, the player must focus on playing without a joker. The player must arrange a pure sequence at the start of the online rummy game. It is compulsory for the player to create a pure sequence as it is a valid declaration in a rummy game. Pure sequence is a group of three or more cards of the same suit placed in a consecutive order. The player should focus on creating this arrangement as the joker or wildcard cannot be used to form a pure sequence. After creating this combination, you can use joker as a substitute or replacement. 


5. Be wise while discarding cards

The players feel that they won the rummy game when they have jokers in their hand. However, they still need to strategize to win the game. For example, 3 is the wild joker in a rummy game, then the player should discard connecting cards like 2 and 4. This tactic will lead to confusing the opponent and the player will have advantage over them. In Indian rummy games, jokers are being used as a lifeline and thus the player should play the game without a joker in their hand, especially while playing online rummy.