Carrom, especially in India, has reached such a stage that at least one member in the crores of families across the country has played the board game. With carrom having its roots in India, it is no surprise that India has the largest following of carrom across the globe. It is hard to find a person in India who hasn’t played the much-loved board game. Although carrom is traditionally played on a big square board, newer variations have improved the accessibility of the game thanks to technology.

With the dawn of smartphones, the game of carrom started being available at our fingertips. This revolutionised the gaming industry and inspired further changes to the different rules of the game. What began as a means of entertainment, soon became a means to earn a little bit of money on the side. The real money carrom game with lots and lots of people turning towards online carrom to get rid of their boredom.

There are several features of the game that make it a thrilling activity while playing. But perhaps, the biggest thrill that takes place is the chase that goes behind pocketing a queen. The queen is the most important piece in a carrom game. The queen can change the outcome of the game. In professional play, one is required to pocket the queen to gain the maximum number of points. To make the queen yours, you first have to pocket the queen and then you have to pocket a cover of the colour which you are assigned (black or white). That is known as covering a queen. Only then can you call the queen your own. If you are unable to pocket the cover then the queen will come back to the centre of the carrom board. In a freestyle game, the queen points in carrom is 50.

Carrom Rules for Queen to be Kept in Mind While Playing Carrom Game

  1. For you to pocket a queen, you first need to pocket a coin of the colour which has been assigned to you.
  2. If you want to make the queen yours, you have to pocket a coin of the colour you have been assigned as cover after you have pocketed the queen.
  3. If you fail to pocket a cover for the queen, the queen will return to the board and will be placed at the centre of the board.
  4. If a player pockets the queen in the break shot or before any of the other coins are pocketed, then he will get a chance to pocket a coin of his assigned colour and then pocket the cover for the queen.
  5. If you pockets a queen along with the striker and a coin together then you will have to pay a penalty. You will have to pay a penalty of two coins. Those two coins will be the queen and a coin.
  6. If you pocket a striker while trying to pocket a cover for the queen, then the queen will be placed in the middle and you will also lose one coin.
  7. In a scenario where there’s a queen and the last one remaining coin of both colours, and the player manages to pocket the queen as well as the last two coins, then the player will win the round.
  8. If while shooting for the queen, you also managed to pocket one of your coins along with the queen, then the queen will be considered covered. It doesn’t matter whether or not the queen went first.
  9. If while placing the queen back at the board after a penalty, the centre is blocked by several pieces then the queen can be placed opposite to the next player behind the red spot at the centre.

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The Importance of the Queen in Carrom Game

  • The queen is the most important piece on the carrom board and carries the most amount of points for whoever pockets her.
  • The queen has the ability to salvage some points for a player even if he/she ends up on the losing side. That’s why everyone is eager to pocket the queen and gain an advantage.
  • Pocketing the queen at the early stage can be a game-changer which puts extra pressure on the opponent to go and win the game by a huge margin.
  • In international carrom, the queen carries three points whereas the other coins carry one point. However, in a freestyle game, the queen carries fifty points whereas the white and the black coins carry twenty and ten points respectively.
  • The queen holds a very crucial position when determining the final result and plays a determining factor in every game of carrom.
  • Pocketing the cover for the queen can do wonders for your confidence in a game. It is even more beneficial if you manage to do it early on in the game. It will mentally put you ahead of your opponent.
  • Pocketing a queen is one of the thrilling aspects of a game of carrom. It is something that every carrom enthusiast aims for before beginning a game. It adds a flavour to the game which prevents it from ever getting monotonous.
  • There are often tournaments set up in India where a different variant of carrom is played. In this variant, the player who pockets the queen the first wins the game. Such is the importance that has been placed on the red coin.

Carrom Rules for Queen and Last Coin

The Queen is the most important coin a player can pocket, the queen gives you a maximum number of points which can lead you to victory. However, there are a few rules on how you can pocket the queen and a special rule when you have the last coin remaining on the carrom board.

In order to pocket the queen you need to have pocketed a piece of your colour. When in a scenario where you have your last colured piece and queen on the board, you will need to pocket the queen and then secure it with a cover which is your last coin. However, if you pocket your coloured coin first you will lose the points and the game.

If you have pocketed the queen and in your next attempt you pocket the opposition’s coloured coin as the pocket, the entire points of the same are awarded to them. In case you mistakenly pocket the queen in the end game, you will have to secure it by pocketing the cover coin of your designated colour.

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In the world of gaming, the significance of certain game elements can often transcend beyond their physical presence. Just as the queen holds a pivotal role in carrom, similar game dynamics can be found in other popular board games like ludo & chess. Much like pocketing the queen, rolling the dice to get that coveted number in ludo brings an exhilarating rush. Just as players strategize to secure their queen, in ludo, they maneuver their tokens strategically to reach the safe haven. The common thread lies in the excitement and thrill these games bring, uniting players whether they’re vying for a queen or chasing victory in ludo or any other game.