During our everyday lives, there are times when we feel like this is it and we are bored for sure with the ongoing routine. The same monotonous regimes can make us exhausted and overwhelmed. It is a signal from our body to us that our mental health needs to be taken care of, as it may be on the verge of being hurt. We feel like everything is so sad and dull, we start to procrastinate and it feels like we are at the brink of breaking down.

Despite all this, we know that we can always run away from our daily duties but we can disconnect from a few of them every now and then in order to redeem ourselves. We can make an effort for ourselves and our mental health. There are numerous productive activities that you can plan along with your daily routines and they will keep you active as well as excited throughout the day.

We know that being lazy and idle for long periods of time every day makes us unproductive and it also affects our creativity in a negative way. Couple this with exhausting yourself with work and you are very well capable of being a robot instead of human. A little boost of thrill and excitement always makes us energetic and this is what we as humans are capable of doing to and for ourselves.

Workouts and Exercises

Whether at a gym facility or at your home, working out is one of the best ways to keep your body active and healthy – both physically and mentally. Just a few minutes of stretching, jumping and running or skipping keeps you energetic enough to keep you going throughout the day. Several studies have shown that there is an increase in productivity by 21% when comparing people who exercise regularly to those who don’t.

Exercising at work is not about fancy equipment, it is just about showing the intent to do something for yourself. Get on your terrace or free corner of your room and do a few jumping jacks, stretch your legs out wide and do a few yoga postures that you like along with your kind of music. It can really do wonders to your mental health as well as physical health.

Gaming Online

Gaming has always been one of the best stress busters out there ever since the oldest of times. The modes of gaming have changed with the evolution of technology but the fun and thrill is still the same when it comes to daily life.

It is a boost of energy provided to our brain which enjoys being active as we play the games. A large number of games are available on the internet that can be easily played on smartphones such as carrom game, puzzles, mysteries or multiplayer team games.

They are a great way to reduce stress, like carrom game brings people together and it is a great way to have fun. The online carrom game also tests your time and aiming skills which are a great workout for your brain.

Reading Books and Writing Journal

A famous quote reads as “You’re never alone when you’re reading books.”

Book reading is a habit that is a very beautiful way to feed your brain in new and exciting ways. Different genres of books like fiction, non-fiction, romance, comedy, biographies, science fiction, or anything of your choice will provide you a great place to start. Slowly you’ll finish a few pages and then the whole book, you’ll never notice how swiftly the time passes. It is a great stress buster and a great tool to enhance productivity as well as creativity.

On the other hand, writing about your everyday life is a very effective way to release stress and unwanted thoughts out of your mind onto a paper. Later in life when you read them, it brings you a lot of realizations and a retrospection of your own past is more fun than you feel it today.


Nature and its beauty are always meant to give us peace as well as calm, and what better than having your own beautiful little space. Gardening and planting in your own home or terrace or room is always a nice way to relax your mind while being productive with your time. You can have a bunch of pots or small little ones on your room’s window space. Bonsai or regular plants, all your choice.

It is a beautiful, creative and very responsible way to spend your time instead of just lying around in bed all the time.


You love to eat some things and your hunger is at peak when you smell your favorite dish being cooked. So why not pick up the task yourself? Cooking is not only a great way to satisfy your stomach but it also means that you are able to create something that you like –  right up to your own taste.

It is life’s one of the most essential and underrated skill mostly because our mom’s take up that department rightfully, but now is the time we help her and ourselves for a better lifestyle.

Stay away from mobile phones

It might sound like a naive thing to say but yes, staying away from your mobile phones for a fixed time during the day will help you a lot in the long run. Put it on silent and walk away from it, it is not a necessity in life’s each moment. Enjoy your surroundings and take care of yourself. Let your mind be free of constant content being overloaded on you.

Meanwhile you can make your own to-do lists, talk short walks, have a cup of coffee and breathe while you recall some happy memories from the past to smile.

In short… Stay Active and Stay Healthy