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Play Most Loved carrom Game

Play Most Loved carrom Game

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100% Safe and Secure

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The Great carrom Experience

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Best Rewards and VIP Services

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About Carrom Board Game Play Carrom Board Online Fantasy Carrom Board

    Best Online Carrom Board Game | Play Carrom board game online on PlayerzPot

    Carrom is a classic tabletop game similar to billiards or snooker. It is widely believed that the game of carrom originated in the Indian subcontinent. The board game which was a popular pick amongst masses in the East soon picked up popularity in the west after World War 1. In the early 20th century there were different state-level competitions held in India. Since then there were serious carrom tournaments organised in Sri Lanka and India.
    Following the march of the game and its growing interest. The International Carrom Foundation (ICF) was formed in the year 1988 in Chennai, India. The ICF then took an initiative in regulating the rules and regulations to play the game in a competitive manner. The game by the time had already become a household phenomenon in South Asian countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Maldives.
    Soon after that, Carrom gained popularity in the UK, Australia, Europe, and North America. Following this growing trend, the UKCF was formed in 1991 in London. The main objective of UKCF was to promote the game of carrom throughout the UK and ensure their players participate in major international tournaments. The western countries even imported materials and high-quality carrom boards from the Indian subcontinent itself.
    Carrom needs no introduction to the Indian households as it has been etched in the hearts and memories of Indians as being the most loved and fun playing an indoor board game. Through the days of being the most nostalgic and fun-loving game, the Carrom has now made its road to the realm of online gaming. No more need for the physical boards and the necessity of all the four-player joining in, as Carrom is now made available to play online.
    The online version of the carrom board is the same with a few minor tweaks here and there. The game can be played in professional mode or freestyle depending upon the platform where the game is played. On PlayerzPot the game is played in Regular Carrom Mode and Freestyle Mode. PlayerzPot also offers to play in multiplayer 1V1 mode against a random opponent through which players can win exciting cash rewards and prizes. On PlayerzPot not only the players can enjoy Carrom for fun but can have a real shot at earning cash prizes by playing carrom online.
    Although the game of carrom is widely known but considering the game has its foray into the online gaming segment there are players who are on the lookout on how to play this game along with questions on how to play, basic rules, how to win, and many more. All of these queries have been addressed below thus ensuring even the amateur players playing carrom are well versed with a piece of basic knowledge about the game.
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How To Play Carrom? Carrom Board Real Money Game Download Carrom Board Game

    A total of two players can join an online game of carrom. At the start of the game, the player will be awarded three chances to break. Here the player can hit any of the coins and even pocket the queen and cover. It does not matter if the striker does not hit any of the coins be it black or white. After the break, the players will be assigned the colour of the coin they have to pocket. The Player will receive an extra turn if he/she pockets their piece. In case of foul the player losses their turn.
    There are two versions of online carrom on PlayerzPot:
    1. Regular Carrom: In regular carrom between 2 players, one player is assigned white coins and the other is assigned black coins. To win the game, a player must pocket his assigned colour coins. Pocketing the queen is not mandatory to win, but the queen should not be present on the board to finish the game and the declaration of the winners.
    2. Freestyle Carrom: In freestyle carrom, a player is allowed to hit whichever coin he wants to hit. The white coin has 20 points, black has 10 points, and the queen has 50 points. It is necessary to pot a coin after pocketing the queen. To win a player has to accumulate a certain amount of points.

FAQ Carrom Board App Play Carrom Board & Win Cash

    1. How Can I Play Online Carrom On Mobile?

    You can play online carrom on mobile by downloading the PlayerzPot app. After downloading you can find carrom amongst many other exciting games. You can either choose to play for free or join a cash game on Playerzpot.

    2. How To Win A Carrom Game?

    Carrom is a skill-based game, where your practice and experience comes in handy. To win an online carrom game, you will need to practice trick shots. These shots can help you pocket coin after coin. Also, practice well on your breaks as it helps you to gain a foothold in the match.

    3. Is Playing Online Carrom Safe?

    Yes, playing online carrom is absolutely safe on PlayerzPot. Here you have secured a gaming platform and payments gateway that ensures the safety of the players and their financial assets.

    4. How To Play Carrom With Friends?

    You can play the game of carrom with four friends. All you need to have is a carrom board, coins, and the striker. Wait for your turn and strike the coins with precision and accuracy. The player who nets the queen and the cover is declared the winner.
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