Beginners playing online carrom may find it difficult to go up against the players due to the sheer competitiveness and lack of experience. The game of carrom without a doubt is one of the most entertaining games out there but it does require skill and perseverance to get better at it. Also, the game that looks quite easy at a glance has very fine details and strategical structure to it which can only be mastered with regular practice.

However, players who are new at playing carrom online are most of the time clueless about their next moves in the game and their planning on how to win. This again is natural with them being newbies, these players are not too well versed with the techniques or the skill set. Especially, when they are up against seasoned opponents in carrom real cash games, here they are up against a brick wall as most of the time the opponents do get better of them. So, what can these newbies do in order to match up or compete to win an online carrom game?

Winning an online carrom game can be a daunting task for the newcomers and there they do need help and guidance. Following the tips mentioned below the players will not be able to compete in online carrom but also win big.


Breaking is the first shot in an online carrom game, here if the player pockets the assigned puck he gets another chance to play, if he doesn’t the striker is then handed over to the opponent. Therefore it is very important to learn techniques and shots that can help you pocket 2 or more pucks in the first strike itself. Not only do you get the bonus of playing next chance but by doing this you add pressure onto your opponent. A good break can lead you to victory but look out for unnecessary and unforced errors or foul while making the break.

Practice Trick Shots

It is not easy to pocket your pucks if they are all scattered across the carrom board. Also, there are situations where you won’t be able to get a clear line of sight to strike the pucks. So, in such situations, the use of trick shots comes in handy. Using the trick shots you can free your puck from a sticky spot or moreover hit an exceptional shot in pocketing that particular puck. The Rebound, the Third pocket, Cut, Backshot, Back Cut shot are some of the trick shots you should practice and get a hang of as they help you win carrom games when you are in a dire situation.

The Queen

Well, of course, you need to talk about the queen when you are talking about tips for winning an online carrom game. Queen essentially secures your victory provided you pocket it, once you have pocketed the queen you will have to secure it by pocketing the cover. If the player fails to provide the cover the queen is placed back on the board in the centre. However, you can also put off your opponent by placing pucks in front of pockets and making it difficult for them to pocket the queen and cover. This will only increase your chances of winning the game.

Avoid Fouls

One of the important tips anyone can have while playing carrom, in general, is to avoid making fouls and unforced errors. Here are some examples of foul in a game of carrom. You are not allowed to pocket the opponent’s puck, If your striker ends up in the pocket it is deemed as foul. You cannot pocket an opponent’s final piece. Such fouls in online carrom games can be avoided which allows the player to focus on the game itself. However, make sure you abide by the rules and the regulation of the online platform you are playing on as it may differ slightly from the offline version of carrom.


The most efficient way to get better at playing carrom online is to practice the game on a regular basis. You can practice your trick shots and other plays in a practice session, this way you will sharpen your skills and thus perform well when put up against the opponents in multiplayer modes online. You cannot expect to turn up to play and win rewards in online carrom without regular practice as there are players who are enthusiastic about the game and are willing to grind their skills through practice. So, by practising the game regularly not only will you increase your chances of winning but will be able to discover new strategies and tricks shot that will make you a better carrom player.