Joker is not at all funny if you are playing Rummy. Instead, a Joker in Rummy is one of the most essential cards for any person. As you know, Rummy is heightened with raise, call, and declaration, where players get to bet their money depending on the cards they have in hand. Players can also fold or back off from betting further if they can’t make good sets or sequences with the cards in their hand. A Rummy Joker Card helps in all these.

While making a sequence or set, a player can substitute a missing card of the proposed sequence/set with the printed or wild joker card. The sequence/set created with any Joker card is not pure. But it is admissible in the game if the player already has a pure sequence.

Therefore, out of the two sequences/sets that the player has to complete in Rummy, one can be an impure sequence/set with a joker. It will help the player to keep fewer points in hand as the joker carries 0 points.

The Joker in Rummy
In a deck of 52 cards, there are two printed joker cards. According to the Rummy type, the players are playing, the number of cards dealt to each player differs. In Indian Rummy, 13 cards are dealt to each player. Regardless of the number of cards, the objective of this game is to create two sequences/sets. Usually, a minimum of three cards make a sequence or set.

In Rummy, there are two types of jokers.

Wild Joker Card: The wild card is different because it is not a printed joker, but it assumes the role of a joker card in a particular game of Rummy. You select it randomly from the closed deck. The card picked becomes the wild joker for that game. For instance, if you pull out Number 7 from the closed deck, the 7 of Hearts, Spades, Clubs, and Diamonds become wild joker cards.

Printed Joker Card: Normally, you will find two Printed Joker Cards in any deck. Their usage is similar to that of a wild. Why? Well, the Printed Rummy Joker Cards have the Joker emblem printed. Thus, you can use it as a wild card.

Hence, the printed jokers remain the same for all games of Rummy, but the wild joker changes as per the card pulled from the closed deck at the beginning of the game.

How to use Joker in Rummy?
The use of Joker in Rummy depends on the cards that a player gets during dealing. Using the joker comes after the player has created a pure sequence. A player fails to move forward if they lack a pure sequence. Therefore, the primary task after getting the cards is to form the pure sequence or set.

The joker becomes advantageous when the player is just short of one card in completing the second sequence/set. High-value cards are not worth carrying forward, but if you form an impure set or sequence with those cards, use them. Joker cards give players the advantage of making sequences/sets out of high-value cards. For example, if you have a Joker card with you and numbers like 7 and 6, you can make an impure sequence/set with the help of the Rummy Joker Card in your hand.

Both the printed joker and the wild joker have the same usage. You can use them as substitutes for missing sequential cards in the hand. However, while using the wild joker card, it is prudent to let go of nearby sequential cards relating to the wild joker card. It is vital because there is no point in creating a correct sequence or set with a joker card. After all, the joker is primarily present or used for substitution purposes.

The player’s skill is the main factor when you are using jokers. Having loads of jokers is not suitable because that means the player has more impure sequences. There is also a limit to the number of jokers a player uses in a game of Rummy. It is also sensible to use unnecessary jokers that do not help the player to reduce the points in hand.

The benefit of using Rummy Joker Card
Getting a joker or two can benefit a player in Rummy, but it depends on how the player uses this joker. How a player can reap the benefits of a Joker in Rummy is discussed below:

Reduce points: Joker cards don’t carry points, so using those cards to complete a sequence or set helps reduce the overall points in hand.

Quick sets/sequences: Once the pure set/sequence is complete, a player can quickly complete another one with the help of a joker card. Without the joker card, the player has to wait for the exact card that will match the sequence/set by making successive draws from the closed deck or looking for cards from the discard pile.

Play with high-value cards: Often, players discard the high-value cards as they increase the points in hand, but with the help of joker cards, a player can use the high-value cards to make an impure sequence.

Conclusion: The Final Words Before the Wrap!
The game of Rummy is daunting for many. However, it is an enjoyable game if you can master its tricks. There are online practice games where you don’t have to bet with money. These are called free pot games. How can it help you? Well, here you can play Rummy and learn to strategize your moves. Once players get acquainted with the rules, it is easy to play Rummy online.