Carrom undoubtedly is the most enjoyed board game of all time. So much so that despite all these years the game has been enjoyed by millions of people and thanks to new age technological advancement, it can be played online.

Carrom is a game that requires precision and good game knowledge. If you are well versed with the concept of the game striking the striker might much easier for you. However, if you play carrom online regularly you will realize it’s more challenging than you thought it to be. Carrom online has been a top choice as it is quickly made available and easy to play at your own convenience.

In order to enjoy carrom online, you have a number of options to choose from with various platforms offering carrom cash games and tournaments for the gamers to have the real thrill and excitement of playing in an online setting. Although one needs to follow the carrom rules to secure consecutive wins. The rules mentioned in the game ensure that there is a level playing ground for everyone which is fair without any bias. So let us take a look at the rules one must abide by while playing online.

Carrom Rules Every Player Should Know About

To start your journey of becoming an online carrom champion you will first need to download the Playerzpot app. All you need is a smart device, a stable internet connection and an understanding of the rules. For the beginners, remember there are a total of 18 coins ( 9 white and 9 black coins) and a pink coloured queen coin along with the striker. With the use of the striker, the player has to put the assigned coloured coins in either of the four pockets on the carrom board. However, one has to know that you have two options to play online carrom.

1. Regular Carrom
2. Freestyle Carrom

Rules for Regular Carrom Game

In a regular carrom game between two players, one player is assigned the white coins while the other is assigned the black coins. To win the game, a player must pocket all their assigned colour coins. Pocketing the queen is not mandatory to win but the queen should not be present on the board to finish the game and the declaration of the winner. If you do pocket the queen you will have to cover it by pocketing your coloured coins only then the queen is secured by the player. Failure in covering the queen results in the queen being placed back in the centre circle of the board.

You can play this format of carrom on a one-v-one basis or you could also join in tournaments where you play a series of matches. You will be paired up against absolute strangers who are equally passionate as you are. The player could join you in playing from any part of the world through the app or you could even invite your friends and family members in playing online, just as you do while playing offline. Although you will need to adjust your skill set according to the needs of online gaming of the game.

Rules For Freestyle Carrom Game

In a game of freestyle carrom, the player is allowed to hit any of the coins on the board. The white coin has 20 points, the black coin has 10 and the queen gets you 50 points. However, unlike the regular carrom, it is necessary to pot a coin after pocketing the queen. To win the game the player has to accumulate a maximum number of points.

Basic Common Rules That Are Applicable For Both Online Version

At the start of the game, one of the two-player will have the opportunity for a break. Upon successful break (pocketing the coin) you get an additional turn to play. For taking the shot you can drag the sticker from left to right along the designated striking line for you. Once you have finalized your aim you will have to drag the finger down to generate the power to hit the coin which you have aimed. And finally, upon realising the finger you will be able to hit the coin.

Fouls In Online Carrom Game

– The striker instead of the coin slide into either of the four pockets.
– You slide in the striker and the coin in the same turn.
– You pocket the last coin before covering the queen (Regular carrom).
– You take from under the strike line.
– If you pocket the opponent’s piece (Regular carrom).
– You accidentally manage to hit the coins which either touch the diagonal line or the striker line.

Final Thoughts

You need to develop and grasp the basic understanding and the rules of online carrom if you are aiming to be a champion. The above-mentioned set of rules will help you to start developing the required skills which eventually will see you win more of the games. So keep mastering your carrom skills on Playerzpot, India Ka Naya Maidan.