During the course of the pandemic, a lot of the entertainment and leisure options for the people were severely short and this made people turn to digital entertainment. The technology became a great source of relief and recreation for most people fighting the pandemic by staying home. Users love to play snakes and ladders online, ludo and carrom are also very popular choices.

This is how many people adopted online gaming as a new hobby during the lockdowns and after that. Studies have shown a great spike in the amount of time that users have been spending on their smartphones and it is a lot higher than before. An estimated 40 Crore people in the gaming community saw a rise of 21% more screen time and the reason is believed to be online gaming applications.

Before the pandemic began, India was always seen as a flashpoint for any technological innovation. India is one of the most competent hubs in the world when it comes to technology. Therefore, it was not surprising that India was so quick to adapt to the new changes in their mode of recreation. The transition to their smartphones in terms of gaming or for sporting events as well as any social gathering has been very swift in this large country.

Online gaming has not only made it easy for people to connect with one another but also allowed some very immersive games to establish their foothold in India and they’re only getting better every single year. From casual gaming to competitive gaming, India’s progress is commendable. Our traditional games such as ludo and carrom have gained attention while users also like to play snakes and ladders online along-with youth enjoying the likes of Minecraft and BGM-India.

Statistics and Figures

Today India is one of the top five most attractive mobile gaming industries in the whole world. India alone comprises 14% share of the global gaming sessions. It is estimated that 4 Crore more people will join the online gaming industry over the coming two years.

A lot of crucial increments in the numbers took place during the year 2020 (Covid-19 lockdown being a big boom) as the year alone saw more investments into gaming than the total in the last 5 years. The industry of online gaming in India saw investments of USD544 million in just the last 6 months of 2020.

Mobile gaming has made it easy for the elderly to join in and mix up with the younger crowd to play snakes and ladders online. Not only this but Ludo and Rummy have also been a crowd favourite in India.

Computer and console gaming is playing a huge role in carving the gaming industry across India in the last twenty years. The market value of the computer gaming industry was approximately around 96 million USD in 2019, while console gaming was worth about 240 million USD during the same years. Within the computer gaming industry, Electronic Arts alone contributed to a market share of about 23.8% in the year 2016.

Benefits To Life

Many factors, such as good nutrition, exercise, safety practices, adequate sleep, managing stress, and avoiding addictive substances, online gaming can have beneficial effects. Given the significance of spatial distancing and nationwide lockdown in India at the time of writing, participation in a variety of activities across various mediums is needed to maintain psychological well-being. It is best to engage in games and play snakes and ladders online to relax your mind out.

Even though engaging in gaming can be time-consuming and has been associated with an increase in screen time, maintaining a healthy diet is very essential. A lot of psychosocial effects can lead to emotional distress, anxiety, depression, substance use disorders, and behavioural addictions to which your engagement in gaming can be a healthy way to relieve stress and modify mood, especially during times of crisis.

According to many CEOs from the gaming industry, there are numerous factors that have contributed to the transforming of the gaming scene within India. A significant factor is the increased accessibility of high-speed internet among the people of India. Furthermore, as 5G and broadband networks continue expanding throughout more remote areas of the country, people can expect the craze to continually rise as well.

A lot of gamers have been able to turn their hobby and passion into a money-making source by the help of streaming and content creation which works great amongst the youth as it is a nice and enjoyable career path into gaming. Many people are choosing gaming as their profession now as it is recognised as a great skill and money-making source.

Critical experts think that the rise of mobile gaming won’t be as dramatic now that people are starting to regain a sense of normalcy again. However, few still dispute that online gaming in general is still going to be a big trend for society moving forward. And there are all proofs speaking in favour of the latter.

What are some great online games for recreation?

  •     Play Snakes and Ladders Online
  •     Play Ludo Online
  •     Play Carrom Online
  •     Play Sheep Fighting Online
  •     Play Fantasy Sports
  •     Play Rummy Online

It is very easy to play snakes and ladders online as it is available at ease and the rules are easy to understand. The game can relieve you of your stress in just a short span of time as it does not need a lot of time commitment. Play snakes and ladders online to experience the joyride of thrill and passion at same time.