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Game Rules for Snakes and Ladders

Starting the game

To activate any token, the player has to roll the dice and get 6. Once he gets the desired number the token will be placed on start tile(Tile number 1).

Winning a game

To win a game a player has to take both his token to the winning tile(Tile number 100).

Killing a player

Whenever a player land on any tile where already opponents token is present, in that case, the token to arrive later will kill the previously present token/tokens sending him/them to the starting tile(Tile number 1). Also, the player whose token has killed the opponent players token will get a bonus to roll the dice.

Users who killed the other u will get a bonus chance to play again. (Now here 2 more conditions arise)

When a player's token is bitten by a snake and is taken to the tile where his tail ends if opponents token is already present there in that case the already present token will be killed and be taken to the starting tile(Tile number 1). Also, the player whose token has killed the opponent player token will get a bonus to roll the dice.

When a player token takes a ladder and is taken to the tile where the ladder leads if the opponent token is already present there in that case the already present token will be killed and be taken to the starting tile(Tile number 1).Also, the player whose token has killed the opponent players token will get a bonus to roll the dice.

Bonus rolls

Following are the scenarios when a player will get a bonus roll

  • Getting six on a roll.
  • Taking a ladder.
  • Killing an opponent token.
  • Reaching a finishing tile(Tile number 100)


Users will have to play the game using 2 tokens.
If you get a 6 and get bitten by a snake then you lose the bonus roll.
If you miss playing for 3 consecutive chances due to network connectivity or any other reason, the opponent will be declared a winner.

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