Carrom has been one of the most popular sports being played in India since its origination in the 18th century. Post-World War I, the sport of carrom saw growing popularity among the people around the world. Carrom was once seen as a pastime game, however, in the early 20th century, the sport got serious attention and several state-level tournaments were organized in different parts of India. It has been reported there were some carrom tournaments held in Sri Lanka in 1935. 

Due to the rising popularity of the sport, All-India Carrom Federation was formed on 4th March 1956 with an aim to promote the sport. In 1988, International Carrom Federation was founded when delegates from India, Maldives, Sri Lanka, Germany, and Switzerland met in Madras, Chennai and AIFC became the automatic member of the federation. Carrom was considered as a sport that is played for fun and recreation, but, as of today, an estimation of 20 million (2 crore) people in India are playing the sport. 

In India, the sport of carrom is being played in every household. Many memories are attached to the carrom board from childhood days. Before the technology swam into the lives of the Indians, people used to carry heavy carrom boards and move around with it to find a place to sit and play. In the 21st century, technology has become an integral part of our lives. The games we used to play physically, such as carrom, chess, snooker, etc. have completely moved online.

The modern way of playing carrom online has changed the way people play the game. Initially, people must have found it difficult to move to playing carrom, however, later they adapted to it. Unlike the traditional way of playing carrom, wherein we need to apply our mind and geometry in order to get the shot right, the online carrom has made people a lot easier to play. Today, there are several apps available to play carrom online like Carrom Pool, Carrom King, World of Carrom etc. Nonetheless, one cannot deny the fact that despite the carrom game having moved online, there are people who are still attached to the traditional way of playing the sport.

Younger people, especially belonging to Generation Z, playing online is not something new for them as they were born in a generation when technology already came into existence. The online availability of games like carrom have made the lives of the people a lot easier and also a simpler way to play the game. 

There are five reasons behind the growth of the Carrom Game in India:

Carrom is a simple game

Like chess, carrom is one of the simplest sports ever to be played. The sport like carrom requires skills and mental application but doesn’t need to be physically active nor continuously strategize the game unlike other board games, especially snooker. If one has to play carrom, all they need to understand is the few basics of the game. Once they get the grasp of the game, then the gameplay would be simple. Today, carrom games are available online and it has become a lot easier to play. 

Easy to Access

The game like carrom is easily available everywhere, not just online but also offline. Though carrom has moved online, there are people who still prefer to continue to play offline. The availability of the carrom board has become easier than before. The carrom boards are available at stationery, sports and toy shops. Also, the equipment to play carrom is affordable as it is not that expensive to buy. However, due to rising popularity among children and parents, carrom boards are available online. However, the youngsters today prefer playing carrom online because it is free for download. 

Does not need professional experience

There are several games, experience board games, that require professional experience in order to play the game. However, a game like carrom does not need prior professional experience to understand the game. People across all the age groups from kids to old age people can play the carrom game. All they need to require is understanding the basics of the game and how the points are scored. The biggest advantage of playing carrom games is that one need not be physically fit. Most of the indoor and outdoor games require physical fitness but they are circumscribed to a certain age. 

Win Cash Rewards

Apart from playing the carrom game just for entertainment and leisure, one can also earn money online. One must have basic skills and understanding of carrom to make proper use of it in order to win exciting cash rewards by setting up competition against your opponents online. If one is not confident to play the cash game, the carrom can also be played for free. If the player is confident enough to win the game, then they can enter the online cash carrom games in order to earn real money.

Play at your convenience

Playing carrom games online does not need time commitments from your friends and family to play the game. In an offline carrom game, one needs to have time and a good atmosphere to play the game. Even if you are travelling and your friend is somewhere else, then you can still play with him online. Online carrom games will also allow you to compete with random players at just a fingertip on the screens of your mobile phones. The carrom is one of the popular games that help you strike boredom. Play real money carrom game online on PlayerzPot.