Tips to Create Your Fantasy Cricket Team

Want to experience the excitement that a cricket team owner feels? How about creating your fantasy cricket team? While selecting players for your cricket team, the key is to form a balanced team. The most necessary thing here will be your knowledge about cricket, including the player’s stats, pitch, and game format. You should add three batters, three bowlers, one All-rounder, and a wicketkeeper to build your team. 

In fantasy games, the captain is your ace player. The captain’s score is multiplied and gives your final score a boost. So, be extra careful when you are choosing your captain and vice-captain. Now, you have your desired team. It’s time for you to submit the squad and enjoy your game! 

What is the Role of the Players in Your Fantasy Team?

Rules are everywhere in games, and team selection for fantasy cricket isn’t an exception. You need to know these rules while curating your dream team for fantasy gaming. Before jumping directly into the process, here is an overview of the roles of the individual players. 

1. Wicketkeeper:

You can select at least one to a maximum of four wicket-keepers from the two teams. 

2. Batsman:

You need 3-6 batters and form a well-balanced team. 

3. All-rounders:

All-rounders can help you set the pace of the game. Therefore, your decision about selecting all-rounders should be well-thought. The number of all-rounders in your team may vary from one to four.

4. Bowlers:

You can include 3-6 bowlers in your fantasy cricket team. 

5. Captain and Vice-captain:

Finally, as your team is finalized, it is time for you to appoint a captain and vice-captain. They give you bonus scores, which can boost your score. On most occasions, these two roles become the deciding factor of your score. Thus, it is a must to make well-informed decisions.

In a cricket team, every player carries some weight, and the same goes for your fantasy gaming team. You must check forms and stats before selecting the players. In fantasy cricket, nothing can beat a well-balanced team. Therefore, instead of being random about players, it is better to do your research. It is also helpful if you keep a tab on the present performance of the players, especially the captain and the vice-captain. However, take weather and pitch into account while you are forming your team.

You Need to Have a Plan in Place

As a new player, the first thing that you must remember is that star players aren’t the most crucial part in deciding your score and rank on the leaderboard. It is a balanced team that will snatch more scores for you. Keep your batting, bowling, and fielding line-up set to match the nature of the pitch. Conduct your research before making your fantasy cricket team, and consider information like their current form, strengths, and weaknesses while creating your team.

Choose Your Captain Wisely

Whether it’s a real game or a fantasy one, the captain will always have the real say! In fantasy cricket games, the captain gets 2X bonus points while the vice-captain helps you get a 1.5X bonus score. Thus, you must strategically select your captain roles to score high on the leaderboard. To choose the best-performing players as your captain and vice-captain, you should have data regarding the recent performances and form of the players. 

Fantasy Sports is not a Game of Emotions

Have you noticed that your hands always pick your favorite player when selecting a team? If you disregard the performance and form of the players and get stuck to favoritism, it is hard for you to earn big rewards in fantasy games. It is important to remember that fantasy games are dependent on stats and numbers. You might cheer at the top of your voice for your favorite cricketer, but while creating your fantasy team, you should keep an objective mindset and select the player who can bring you more score. If you manage a high score and secure yourself a position on the leaderboard, you will have a chance to win exciting cash rewards.

Necessary Tips to Help You Pick The Best Players for Your Fantasy Cricket Team

If you are a new player looking for tips to create a fantasy cricket team like a pro, then here are some suggestions to guide you –

1. Pick Players While Considering the Format:

Consider the game’s structure and select players accordingly. For example, in the case of T20 and ODI matches, you must choose the top-order batters as they can help you score maximum points. On the other hand, in the 5-day games, you may go with middle-order batters. 

2. Choose the Right Combination:

While your primary focus will be on selecting the top players with the best form, you should also concentrate on choosing the right pair. Choose top-order wicketkeepers, middle-order batters, and openers based on the gaming formats and pitch. Remember, you cannot allow each player a chance to bat. Therefore, you should be attentive and wisely select the right combination for more batters in your Fantasy Cricket Team to play efficiently. 

3. Make a Balanced Team With the Captain and Vice-captain:

Striking the correct balance requires expertise. It shows your skill as a cricket fan. Study the pitch and create your team by adding the perfect number of bowlers, keepers, and batters. Finally, it’s time to select your best players as captain and vice-captain. You get bonus points from them, so be careful while choosing the captaincy.

4. Check Your Player’s Availability:

Who would like to miss the chance of scoring high? Therefore, when forming your team, check if your player is available on the list of 11 for the particular match.

5. Check the Recent Performance of the Players:

How can you tell if a player will get runs or not? Well, you can observe their current matches and get an insight into their form. So, remember to take note of the player’s recent statistics while curating your fantasy cricket team.

6. Check Weather and Pitch Conditions:

What role weather and pitch conditions may have in player selection? They may not have any direct influence, but the performance of batters varies from pitch to pitch. Factors like wind speed can also impact the speed of the fast bowlers. Use your knowledge about the cricket pitch and weather conditions while building your team.


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