The snakes and ladders game is undoubtedly one of the most popular games not just in India but across the world. The board game popularly known by the name snakes and ladders originally originated from India in the 2nd century B.C. It was invented as a part of Indian dice board games, including Ludo and Pachisi. The game was brought to England in the 1890s and sold as ‘Snakes and Ladders’. 

The Snake and ladders game was very popular in ancient India and was formerly known as Moksha Patam. For centuries, no one could find the real architect of the game. Nonetheless, according to some historians, it is believed that Saint Gyandev had invented Moksha Patam in the 13th Century AD. The game was associated with traditional Hindu Philosophy differing destiny and desire. 

The game had been used as a teaching tool for young kids to make them comprehend about good and bad deeds. The ladders in the game represented uprightness’s or integrities like gentleness, humility and faith while the snakes were amounted to evils like lust, anger, murder and theft. The meaning of the game is that a person can achieve Moksha or liberation by doing good deeds and the one doing evil or bad deeds will be reborn as low forms of life. 

In India, the game of snake and ladder is being played in every household. Many memories are attached to snakes and ladder boards from childhood days. Before the technology came into the lives of the Indians, the people used to carry a light-weighted snake and ladder board and go to friends’ places or find a suitable place to play the game. In the 21st century, the internet and technology have become indispensable parts of our lives and games like snake and ladder, carrom, chess, etc. have completely moved online. 

The contemporary way of playing snake and ladder money game online has changed the way people used to play the game. Initially, most of the people must have found it difficult, nonetheless, later, they got hold of the online game. Today, there are several online games, including that of snake and ladder, wherein you just not play the game but win exciting cash prizes. There are Snakes and Ladders online cash games that are available on fantasy gaming platforms, including Playerzpot. 

Younger generation of people, especially ones belonging to Generation Z, playing online games is not something new for them as they were born when the technology and internet came into existence. Online availability of online cash games like Snakes and Ladders have made the lives of the people a lot easier. 

 There are five reasons that contribute to the growth of online Snakes and Ladders Games

1. Simpler To Play 

Like chess and carrom, Snakes and Ladders are one of the simplest games ever to be played. However, unlike carrom and chess, it doesn’t require skills but mental application while playing the game. One need not be physically active nor strategize the game unlike other board games, especially snooker. If one wants to play Snakes and Ladders then they just need to understand a few basics of the game in order to make gameplay simple. Today, Snakes and Ladders games are available online and it is a lot easier to play. 

2. Accessibility 

Games like Snakes and Ladders are easily available everywhere, not just online but offline too. Though the Snakes and Ladders game has moved online, there are people who prefer the traditional way of playing the game. Snakes and Ladders boards are available at stationery, sports and toy shops. Due to rising popularity, boards are too available online. Additionally, Snakes and Ladders boards can be easily affordable as it is not expensive to buy. Nonetheless, today, youngsters prefer to play Snakes and Ladders games online as it is free for download. 

3. No Professional Experience

Board games like carrom and Snakes and Ladders need not require prior professional experience in order to understand and play the game. People across the age group, from kids to old age, can play the Snakes and Ladders games. All they require is basic understanding of the game. Another advantage for Snakes and Ladders games is that one need not to be physically fit but must have a good presence of mind. 

4. Win Cash Prizes

Except for playing the Snakes and Ladders games for entertainment and relaxation, one can make or earn money through online gaming. For games like Snakes and Ladders and carrom, a player must have a good understanding of the game in order to make proper use of it in order to gain exciting cash rewards by playing against your opponent. Snakes and Ladders games can also be played online for free if the player is confident enough to face the opponent. Once the player gains confidence then they can enter online cash Snakes and Ladders games to earn real money.

5. The Game At Your Convenience 

Ever since the Snakes and Ladders game moved online, it has become more convenient for people to play the game. To play games online, one need not have to ask for time commitments from others. In an offline Snakes and Ladders game, one needs to be available and a good atmosphere to play. If you are traveling and your friend is somewhere else, then you can still play the game with him online. In the online Snakes and Ladders game, you can play with random players at just a fingertip of your mobile screen.