Originally derived from the Indian game Pachisi, playing a ludo game is not just a game but an emotion. The fun of playing, cheating, arguing, and even turning the board upside down during play can bring many families closer. We live in a time where people are too busy with themselves, and this self-centered attitude makes them lose touch with friends and families. However, the COVID-19-induced lockdown has changed things drastically.

Several free-to-play mobile online ludo apps are available on iOS, Android, Kindle, Microsoft Windows platforms, and Windows Phone. To play ludo with your family members, you must choose the four players and determine who will take the arms in the game. Next, everyone should roll the dice to get six to unlock the pawn turn by turn. After unlocking all pawns, all players get into the race to win the game by reaching the players home. 

Board games like ludo help improve logical reasoning, critical thinking, and spatial reasoning. It can motivate you to focus more and helps boost your confidence to win.

How to Choose the Best Ludo App?

Often you wonder how to play ludo, but we advise you to choose wisely. Be careful of the following things before you make a choice.

Reviews – Before downloading the ludo app online, try to check the reviews well. Reviews help you make the right decision. For example, Playerzpot has been acclaimed with lots of positive reviews and comes with 4.3 app ratings. Thus, you can identify what’s working and what isn’t. These reviews influence search engine results and help you make sound decisions.

Number of Downloads – You can also check the number of downloads for your chosen online ludo app. Any app obtaining 500 or more downloads a day helps it get good organic traffic. Data related to conversion rate and several downloads are available across marketing websites.

License – App licenses give end users the right to one or more copies of the ludo app without infringing the copyrights. Thus, having a license is quintessential as it defines the responsibilities of the parties agreeing and imposes restrictions on how to use the software.

Security Measures – Security helps game developers mitigate against profit loss and protect game integrity. The security features of the ludo app include authorization, authentication, encryption, and reducing vulnerabilities.

User Interface – The user interface of an app offers players to interact with the game story and break into the game space. It is the point of human-computer communication and interaction while you play online.

Payment Methods – Digital payment method is a blessing. By using POS, contactless, peer-to-peer, and digital wallet, you can smoothly pay for the game app. Thus, before downloading the game, the players always check the payment method because they are always looking for a payment method that is fast and safe. In online gaming, theft and security are massive concerns. Therefore, choosing an app that ensures the safety of your money is what people prefer.

Why Should You Play Ludo Online?

Ludo keeps us entertained. Its popularity and technological advent have made it reach our fingertips, where we can play solo with random players without looking for a real partner.

Playing ludo online has several benefits over playing it conventionally. 

Roll of Dice – With a touch of the dice, the roll in an online ludo app is done automatically within the game. On the other hand, in the physical game, you need to roll out the die by hand. It removes the chances of tampering with the numbers. 

Players Availability – You can play Online ludo either in a single-player mode or with random opponents available in a multiplayer mode. On the contrary, traditional ludo demands physical players.

Game Pace – Online ludo is fast-paced, whereas the physical board game of ludo is extensive and can go on for a long time.

Cash Play – By playing ludo contest win cash prizes. Some apps offer free practice games to improve your skills. But, in offline ludo, the involvement of money is illegal and restricted.

How To Play Ludo Online?

Ludo Online is a strategy board game. There must be a winning strategy while you play. However, here are some ludo tips and tricks that might help you win the game every time you play.

Following Are Some Necessary Tips and Tricks to Help You Win the Ludo Game:

Remove all the tokens soon: The most important thing is to remove all four tokens from the starting square. Rolling 6s dice is not in your control in Ludo Online. However, luck plays a big role in removing the tokens from the starting point and helping you reach the central home. 

Prioritize Safety: Prioritizing the safety of your designated tokens is crucial as it will help you minimize the risk of being captured by other opponent’s pieces. 

Block the Opponent’s Piece: Move your pieces strategically with the aim of blocking the opponent’s pieces. Keep a close eye on the virtual board, predict your opponent’s moves, and then place your piece that hampers their progress in Ludo Online. 

Stick To Your Gameplay: Every player has their own gameplay and therefore, it is important to create yours and stick to it. Plan your gameplay before starting the game and play a little safe in order to increase the potential of winning 

Be Adaptable To Situation: Always be flexible in your strategy depending on the situation of the game. At times, it’s better to be aggressive and capture the opponent’s pieces, while other times, it is better to play defensively to protect your pieces.

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Ludo is a 2-4 player non-deterministic race game to move players’ pieces through a designated circuit into a winning location by rolls. Thereby a few factors can make you choose the best online ludo app. With an exclusive effect on performance, apps help publishers to protect their game image and brand. Remember, wisely moving your tokens is your gameplay, and you must move them across the board. More than skills, the game demands the right strategy.  Apart from being a company of boredom, the game helps you remain stress-free.

You can play ludo with friends and family and improve your bond. The game increases critical thinking capability & other cognitive skills. Ludo helps in interpersonal skills development. Moreover, it allows you to deal with defeat and victory by inculcating a sportsman spirit inside you.

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