Ludo is a timeless classic loved by people of all ages. It has simple rules. Hence, it is a perfect pastime for most family gatherings. It also relieves stress, so it is a preferred way to unwind after a long day for many players. Modern technologies have offered a new way of playing ludo – you can sit at your house, log in on your device and play ludo online. You don’t need to go outside and can play with friends and family even when they are away. Want to know the best part about playing online ludo? You can earn cash while showcasing your skill and enjoying the game with your friends.

Rules to Play Ludo and Earn Money

You must thoroughly know the rules and regulations to play the Ludo game online. It will give you an upper hand on your opponents. 

Here are some conditions and rules that you must know if you are a beginner:

  • Play online ludo between two or four players. Before the game, the players get the house colors. The players need to play individually, and there is no partnership.
  • The player must get the highest score to win an online Ludo game. They should have a clear idea about the scoring system of the platform they are playing. The players move the tokens from the starting points to the Home. They score for the ones on the board, eliminating the opponents and taking theirs Home.
  • After your turn, the next player immediately receives their turn. If you get an extra six, you get an extra chance to roll the dice.
  • All your tokens must pass all the paths on the board starting from the initial point and reach Home to win the Ludo game. The first player to take all the pieces to Home wins the game, and the rest play for the runner-ups.

Earn While You Play Ludo Game:

Whether you are a casual player or a serious one, you can earn cash while playing online ludo games, and it is not very difficult.

All you need is a clear idea about the rules and to brush up on your skills. Want to earn real cash while playing the Ludo game online? Here are a few things you should know:

  • You can play for paid and free pots because if you win the paid ones, you can earn exciting cash prizes. There are also bonus and referral points that you can use to enter a game.
  • When you register as a new player on the gaming platforms, you can get welcome bonus points. It directly gets added to your game account.
  • To earn money by playing the Ludo game online, you must select a paid pot because if you score the highest points, you are declared the winner and receive cash prizes.
  • You can withdraw your cash after completing the KYC. It gets deposited to your bank account or UPI platform wallet. For Bank withdrawals, it may take 2-3 days to reflect.

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Additional Perks of Ludo Game

Online ludo games are experiencing skyrocketing popularity as gaming platforms have introduced several new features.

It attracts the players to test their ludo skills and brain power. Want to know what more comes in the package? Here you go:

  • There are bonus and referral point systems on the gaming platforms which benefit the users who play regularly. You can invite your friends to the game, and once they sign in, you can get bonus points.
  • There are weekly and monthly rewards to make the gameplay more exciting.
  • A player can instantly withdraw the cash they have won.
  • Gaming platforms offer multiple ways of withdrawing money. The user can choose whichever is convenient for them.

Why Choose Playerzpot to Play Ludo Game?

If you are looking for a gaming platform where you can enjoy your game seamlessly, then Playerzpot should be your first choice. 

It is a secure and user-friendly platform where you can play games like Ludo, fantasy cricket, Snakes and Ladders, Rummy, and many more. To begin with, playing online games on PlayerzPot, you must sign in and select the pot you want to join. 

The gaming platform has a large group of users, and here is why many users consider PlayerzPot to be their favorite:

  • User-friendly: The gaming platform has a smooth interface that offers a smooth gaming experience. Any individual who is more than 18 years can smoothly register on this platform and start playing.
  • Secured: The gaming site is entirely secure and legal. The data collected by the platform stays secured behind a firewall. Access to the servers is also password protected. They take user security seriously so the players can enjoy their games without worrying about fraudulent activities.
  • Bonus and referrals: You get a bonus amount as you register on the PlayerzPot gaming app. Plus, you can refer Playerzpot to your friends, and as they join a public pot, you get 10% of the amount invested. If they refer to someone and they join, you receive a 5% bonus. Sounds tempting, right?
  • Play anywhere, anytime: With Playerzpot, you can play from anywhere and anytime. A stable internet connection is what you need to join and continue with your Ludo game.
  • Easy withdrawal process: You can instantly withdraw the money you earn on PlayerzPot. You can complete your KYC to securely draw your winnings to your UPI wallet or bank account.

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The number of online ludo players is increasing rapidly, and the gaming platforms are bringing in new features to make the ludo games exciting for the users. You get to socialize with other players and play your ludo games with them without leaving your house. Since there are players of different skill levels on the gaming platforms, you can get a thrilling experience.  Online ludo is more convenient than offline because you can play from anywhere. Plus, with trusted gaming platforms like Playerzpot, you can withdraw your winnings instantly after submitting your KYC. Want to experience the thrill of playing online ludo and earning lucrative cash prizes all at once? Join Playerzpot and start playing today. 

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How to Play Online Ludo Game and Earn Money?

To play online Ludo games and earn money, download the Playerzpot ludo app, register yourself, pick the game of your choice, play your way to victory, and earn real money.

Are There Any Entry Fees to Participate in Cash Ludo Games?

Depending on the pot and game there is entry fees, in cash games and tournaments, there is a set amount of entry fees that players have to chip in but the winnings.

How Do I Get Started With Earning Money Through Online Ludo Games?

The players will get a joining bonus when they register themselves to play Ludo games on Playerzpot. Moreover, using the refer and earn program you can earn extra bonuses and cash rewards whenever your referrals play on Playerzpot.