Ludo has been an integral part of childhood for many people, and this is one of the board games that decide the winner based on their decision-making power and strategies. Ludo games have brought back the charm of childhood nostalgia, which is challenging to miss. But what if you can earn real money while enjoying the game? Nobody wants to let it go!

Though the essence of offline and online games is the same, the strategy might differ due to its mode. When you play with your friends and family, you understand their habits, and repeated encounters with them allow you to figure out their strategies in advance. When you are playing online ludo, you face random opponents.

Hence you are unaware of their strategies before you start. However, here are some ludo tips that can be highly useful if you want to be invincible in online Ludo games.

Here are 7 Ludo Tips That Can Help you Win your Next Online Games:

Most board games are strategy-dependent. Ludo is also not an exception. However, the tips for online Ludo games are different from the actual ones. You need to understand the ludo tricks and rules of the game properly before you plan to beat your opponent.

  1. Unlock all the Coins: The game of ludo is all about proper strategizing, and flexibility is very much needed. Try to unlock all your coins from your home base as soon as possible. It will give you the option to decide where to put your score, but if you try to move one or two coins, the chance of getting killed by the opponent increases. Unlocking the coins with every six dice will help you to stay away from unnecessary risks.
  2. Scatter the Coins All Over the Board: To have an advantage over your opponent, you should tactically place your coins all over the board. Once you position them in safe places, focus on taking them to the finish lines when your opponent is not nearby. Flocking two or more coins together increases the risk of getting killed. You can block your opponent’s coins if you can place yours in the correct places.
  3. Set your Attacking Strategies: Safeguarding your coins will not help you to win the games. Sketch some efficient attacking tactics to kill your opponent’s coin. You can chase them in the first and second quadrants and try to keep your coins safe once you reach the third or fourth quadrant. Haven’t you heard about ‘The rule of 7’? Stay seven steps ahead of your opponent to avoid getting killed. The chance of them scoring a 6 and 1 is very narrow.
  4. Use the Safe Boxes: Using the safe boxes to avoid getting killed can be an excellent part of your game strategy. Generally, there are a total of eight safe boxes in the online ludo games. The game starts with a safe box. After that, place the safe boxes after every eight boxes. If you can tactically position your tokens in these safe boxes, it can help you to attack your opponent and keep your coins safe.
  5. Take Care of the Timer: Since online ludo games have timers, it is always beneficial for the player who knows how to keep an eye on the timer and use it in their favor. The use of time generally decides the winner. While playing ludo online, you must know when to figure out your move instantly and when to keep thinking.
  6. Prefer Home: One of the finest plans of action to win an online ludo game is to safeguard your coin ahead of all the others. Remember that taking your coin back to the “Home” gives you a higher score than killing one of your opponents. Therefore, if you are short on time, take your coin Home. In case the winner is decided by the score of the game, this strategy will give your score a boost.
  7. Dividing Dice Score: During the game, a ludo player must be careful while dividing their dice score. Since reaching the “Home” earns a good score, you must move the coin nearest the home area when you get a high score on the dice. This way, you can keep your coin away from the risk of getting killed, and at the same time, you will get a good score every time your coin reaches the “Home.” Give small dice scores to those in the first or second quadrant. You will not lose many points this way if your coin gets killed.

Why Play Online Ludo?

Ludo is not just a favorite game of many people. But it is tied up with so many memories that they cherish. You might have played ludo with your family and friends as a kid. Now, You can experience the same excitement while playing ludo online. Kill your boredom while playing with players all around the world. You can also play with your close ones no matter which part of the earth you are in, and that’s the fun of playing it online. it’s a biggest reason to play ludo. All you need to do is download the game.

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Ludo is a board game known for increasing cognitive capacity and boosting memory development. Besides lifting your mood, it also helps you be optimistic. Want to know the best part of playing online ludo? Download ludo game, set your strategy, and then earn real money.


Online Ludo games come with unlimited fun and opportunities. If you love challenges and enjoy using critical thinking in games, online ludo games will give you an adrenaline rush. You can bring back childhood nostalgia with online ludo games and enjoy playing with opponents all over the globe. Finding it fascinating? Yes, you can earn cash prizes by playing online ludo games.

How to unlock all those benefits of playing online ludo? It is simple. Download the online ludo fantasy game and sharpen your strategies to win.

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