Ludo has to be the most popular board game across the world and it’s a rare case to find someone who actually doesn’t know how to play the game. The game’s history can be traced back to ancient times but it has now found a new lease of life all thanks to the use of modern technology. Online Ludo is a great way to pass the time with excitement and fun. The game has found its way into mainstream gaming once again with new avenues of online gaming opening paths for casual gamers to make the most of their free time.

For those of you who are still a bit confused about Ludo, let’s break it down to you. You have four of your coloured chips which move when you roll the dice. The chip moves accordingly to the number that pops up while one rolls the dice, the only way you can win the game is to ensure you complete the track of 55 blocks and reach the home triangle. But be on the lookout for opponents as they will be on a hunt for you which can delay your progress.

Thanks to the online gaming platforms and their evolution in online gaming. Playing Ludo has become hassle-free with a seamless experience. All you need is a device that has an internet connection and you can enjoy your favourite board game at a touch of your fingertips. And the best part about Ludo is that you have friends playing along with you online. Nothing beats the joy of playing ludo online with friends.

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With the game making its presence truly felt in the online gaming segment, the players are not restricted to just the joy of winning the game but can also earn cash prizes in multiplayer modes. PlayerzPot was one of the front-runners in promoting Ludo online with an incentive to win cash prizes along with it. Since then there has been tremendous growth amongst the users playing Ludo online in India, the user base and the popularity of the game has pushed the developers to design a more secure space for the players to enjoy their gaming experience.

The number of users playing multiplayer online Ludo has been increasing and it’s not easy for developers to design a game that is lag-free and secured. However, the online platforms have been successful in developing a platform that keeps alive the true essence of Ludo with added benefits of earning cash rewards. The platforms are well designed and end to end encrypted so the online player’s data is well secured and confined to the game itself.

What makes the online Ludo multiplayer more interesting is that there are endless possibilities on how the developers want to create their own version of the famous board game. It’s not just restricted to the primary mode of the game, with an increase in demand for creative content and user interface the tech companies developing online Ludo have incorporated the demands of the end-users and are constantly churning out new schematics and different gaming modes to keep the players entertained.

In India, the game has seen an upward trajectory in terms of popularity and user base which again has the potential to grow. How has the game been such a hit amongst the users is perhaps because of the ease of gaming and winning the cash rewards. Moreover, these Ludo apps allow the users to link their Paytm, Google Pay or other UPI based accounts to the app itself which in turn makes the transaction quiet free-flowing along with a secure channel.

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Given that fantasy games are on a rise these fantasy platforms are constantly working on improving the security of the online game thus building the trust of the users playing Ludo in India. It can be rightly said that Ludo has struck the right chords with the growing audience who have found their go-to online game in Ludo.