A Joker card in a rummy game does not have a defined value but it does play a vital role depending on the type of game being played. The joker card is a late addition to the game itself in the 1860s, and it has the famous joker image printed on the front. From here on the game changed as the joker card was now an important asset and tool for the players to reduce points in hand.

Essentially, the joker card is a substitute for any missing card in an impure sequence or a set. For example, if you have 6, 7 joker card/ wild joker, and 9 of hearts, this makes a valid impure sequence, while J of Hearts, J of Spades, J of Clubs and joker card/ wild joker will complete a valid set. The value of a joker card in a game of rummy is zero thus helping the player to bring down the score significantly.

Types of Jokers in online rummy games

Printed Joker

In a deck of 52 cards, there will be two extra cards, these will be the joker cards that have the image of the joker imprinted on them. As per the rules of rummy, this card is used as a joker in the game.

Wild Joker

A wild joker card is not a special card like the printed one but rather it is chosen from the deck itself. At the beginning of the game, after 13 cards have been dealt to each player, the dealer then pulls out a random card from the closed deck. For example, if the card is 7 of Spades, then the wild joker card in the game will be 7, thus 7 of any suits can be used as a substitute for any missing card in the formation of a set or impure sequence.

Tips on How to use the Joker cards in Rummy games

Using a Joker to make an impure sequence:

While playing rummy, one of the most essential roles of a joker card is an impure sequence. An impure sequence is a group of cards where three are of the same suit, with a wild joker or a joker card. For example Spades of 6, 7, PJ, and 8 is an impure sequence where the joker card is substituted in place of 8. In the same way you can make an impure sequence using the wild joker card which is pulled out from the closed deck at the start of the game.

Using a Joker to make sets:

Another important role for the joker cards in a game of rummy is to make sets. In a set, there is a group of 3 or more cards of the same value but of different suits. For example, 8 of Spades, 8 of Hearts, and 8 of Clubs is what makes a set but if any one of the cards from the set is missing it can be substituted using the joker cards.

Go for a pure sequence first:

When you start playing rummy, one of the thumb rules is to form pure sequences as soon as possible. It is an unspoken rule that pure sequences often lead you to win. So rather than putting all your eggs in one basket and banking on joker to make an impure sequence or a strong set, aim to form pure sequences as it reduces the points in hand even if other players make a declaration.

Use Joker with high-value cards:

In online rummy games make sure you get rid of the high-value cards if they are not fitting in your sequences or sets. However, if you have a joker on your hands, then you can use these high-value cards to make an impure sequence or a strong set out of it. But it is recommended to find the use of high-value cards quickly in a game of rummy.