Chess Online is one of the most popular online gamings not just in India but across the world. The game of Chess is often considered as the respected game in the world as it is played by the intellectuals. The game has always been linked with intelligence and strategy. Throughout the lockdown period, people had kept themselves active by playing Chess Online. 

The origination of Chess can be traced back to 1500 years or 6th Century BC in India. Chess was earlier known by the name ‘Chaturanga’, which means four divisions in the Indian military. The four divisions are Infantry, Cavalry, Elephantry and Chariots. Today, these forms are represented by the pieces in Chess as Pawn, Knight, Bishop and Rook apiece. The game of Chaturanga was a war-simulation that was provided for Indian military strategy. 

The game of Chess or Chaturanga had found its way to Persia and Europe and later other parts of the world. Inspired by the Indian version of Chess, China had created their own version by the name of Xiangqi. The game has gained popularity not just in Persia but in Arab countries, which was called by the name Shatranj. However, the game of Chess had a different set of rules and methodologies in different parts of the world. 

In 1851, the first modern chess tournament was organized in London. Since then, the International Chess Federation or FIDE has been organizing several chess tournaments across the world. World Chess Championship is the most prestigious chess tournament wherein Vishawanthan Anand emerged 5-time champion. 

In India, every household has a chess board. Many people have memories attached to the Chess board since childhood days. Everyone plays chess not just for relaxation but to improve their skills, focus and also to exercise their brain. Today, the traditional way of playing Chess has gone as people began to adapt the online version of the game. The youngsters play chess board game online to keep themselves engaged while enhancing their creativity, skills, memory power and concentration.

Five Benefits of Playing Chess Online 


1. Increase in Intelligence Quotient (IQ) Level

One of the main benefits of playing Chess Online is that it helps you augment your IQ level. This was proved in a traditional way of playing Chess. In a study published by Dr. Robert Ferguson, it was shown that there has been a significant increase in the IQ level and critical thinking of the students after four months of playing chess. Dr. Ferguson had spent 60-64 hours for a period of 32 weeks in playing and studying chess in order to comprehend the intelligence Quotient and critical thinking levels of Venezuelan students. 


2. Strengthen your Concentration

Another main benefit of playing Online Chess is that it would help you increase your focus and concentration. As you would know, Chess requires an intense level  of focus and your eyes will be on the board until the game finishes. According to various studies, chess has shown that chess helps the players or people to increase not just their concentration level but memory power. If anything distracts a player while playing Chess then it will impact their game negatively. Online Chess will also help the players to progress their skills such as logical thinking and spatial reasoning. 


3. Boost your Memory Power

Chess will not just strengthen your focus and concentration but your memory power. Chess has often been considered as an excellent game to exercise your memory and brain. A good memory power will help remember your chess positions, moves and opponent’s game play. In 1985, there was an experiment conducted by the researcher, where a student had improved not just their memory power but also grades and organizational skills while playing Chess. While playing Online Chess, it will help you to exercise your brain and improve memory. 


4. Engages Both Sides of the Brain

While playing Chess Online, it will help you to think both sides of the brain to make strategic moves or decisions. According to a study in Germany, it was shown that there were differences between the brains of beginners and chess experts. The beginner used just one cerebrum of their brain when they were asked to exhibit chess positions and geometry. However, the experts use both the cerebrum in order to analyze their game. The players use both sides of their brains to promptly respond to their opposition’s moves. When you play Online Chess, your brain will work faster and therefore, it is likely that you will use a larger part of your brain to think. 


5. Enhances your Creative Thinking 

When you play Online Chess, it will help you to boost/enhance your creative thinking. The right cerebrum of your brain approaches creative thinking. Both the sides of your cerebrum become active when you play Online Chess and thus, it helps you magnify your creativity. When you make important moves in Online Chess, your brain becomes more and thus your thinking level enhances. Apart from creative thinking, Online chess will teach you by the rules and taking onus for your problems or errors.