The most anticipated World Football game is around the corner. The Indian Football team is all set to play the match against Kuwait on June 06, 2024, in Kolkata. S. Chettri is leading the Indian Team for the last time. The Indian team is all geared to make a good start in the qualifiers to secure one of the two spots in their group.

Apart from India and Kuwait, two other teams will be in the qualifier group A, Qatar and Afghanistan. It will be a tricky game for the Indian team as they have earlier faced defeats against the Kuwait team, and they will have to prepare well enough to secure the second spot in the group to qualify for the third round. The loss of 0-3 against Qatar has been a setback for the Indian team.

However, coach Stimac’s win in the recent India v/s Kuwait game has been one of the crucial wins in the history of Indian Football. M. Singh scored the only goal in the 75th minute. Post the goal, the Kuwait team ramped up their attacking game. However, the talented goalkeeper G.S. Sandhu stood like a wall to defend the goals.

The team has to keep winning for the upcoming matches against Kuwait and Afghanistan. Qualifying for the third round would be a huge victory for India. The Indian team’s 1-0 win against Kuwait kept fans hoping for more.

The Indian football team has made immense progress over the years, and they need to keep progressing to go against the top teams at the International Football Cup qualifiers. The upcoming couple of months are crucial for the Indian Team. If India can qualify for the third round, it would be the first time they will play with five of Asia’s best teams.

Know About Your Opponent
Kuwait’s national football team has showcased impeccable performances in their recent matches. They have played 15 games in 2023, out of which they won nine, lost three, and three draws.

Kuwait holds the upper hand by securing two victories, while India has been able to seal one. The other two matches concluded in a draw at 1-1, resulting in a penalty shootout where India emerged victorious in the South Asian championship.

Key Players to Look Out for In the India Vs Kuwait Game
If you are a fantasy football fan, it is crucial to look out for the key players of the league.

Kuwait Players

S. Al-Khaldi (Forward)

Al-Khaldi is undeniably a threat to the Indian team. He debuted in the 2022 World Cup qualifiers and immediately stole the spotlight with his exceptional goal-scoring abilities. The 25-year-old has secured nine goals for Kuwait since his debut. He scored his first goal for Kuwait in a significant competition against the Chinese National Team.

F. Al Hajeri (Midfielder)
Captain Al Hajeri is the most reliable player backing the team. He holds a crucial role as a center-back and has a strong influence on the team that has resulted in the team’s successes in recent games. He is a strong defender and has bagged five goals for his team.

Indian Players
A. Singh (Goalkeeper)
Hailing from Mahilpur, Punjab, Singh made his professional debut in 2011-12 in the Pune Club. He has played for various teams in club level across India. He grabbed the spotlight when he represented his club – Mumbai and won the trophy in the Indian football league. Singh has been a strong contender for G.S. Singh for the Number 1 spot in the Indian team.

S. Bose (Defender)
He is one of the top defenders on the team. He is an experienced left-back defender and can also play in central defense. He started his career with the Indian Football Team in 2018 against the Chinese football team, and he has become stronger and stronger with every game. He is one of the most promising players on the team.

R. Bheke (Defender)
This Indian defender is currently playing for Mumbai in the Indian Football League and has played 23 matches for Mumbai this season. He has played more than 100 matches in the Indian Football League. If you love his game and skills, you must watch him play in the qualifiers.

A. Thapa (Midfielder)
One of the most talented midfielders the Indian Football Team currently possesses, Thapa started his journey at a young age. He is an experienced player and has represented India in almost every age group starting in 2012 in U-17s. Gradually, he made his way to the national team with his talent and grit.

B. Fernandes (Midfielder)
Fernandes made his debut for India in 2019. He is known for his creativity and set-piece-taking abilities. One of the peak points of his career was when he scored the winning goal in the 2019 Indian Football Cup against the Chennai team. Fernandes has come a long way and made his mark in the team.

S. Chhetri (Forward)
S. Chhetri is the glue binding the whole team together. He is no less than a legend and has had a remarkable journey to the top. He is playing in the national jersey for India for the last time. The Indian Skipper has won numerous accolades and scored the highest goals in his distinguished football career. He has made exceptional contributions to his club and country and has set a benchmark for the rising players.

So, How Can You Build the Best Team to Win the Upcoming Fantasy Football Games?

A solid understanding of the players’ performances helps you to create a winning team and ace the game. Creating a well-balanced team is the key to winning a football and a Fantasy Football game. You require skills, practice, and patience to win a Fantasy Football game.

Fantasy Football is a strategic game where you can build your fantasy team and win real cash prizes and rewards. You can select players from both teams on the day of the match. The teams you have chosen earn points based on the results of the actual game. The players who play well and earn the most points get the lucrative prize and earn money.

Here are a few tips to help you win the game and bag the most rewards for yourself;

  • Always check the recent performances of all the players before you decide on whom to select.
  • Selection of the captains and vice captains is crucial as it will help you earn extra points.
  • Select a good combination of 3 defenders, two/three attackers, five/four midfielders, and a goalkeeper.
  • Follow the news and keep a tab on the latest injuries of any player.
  • Creating a well-balanced team is the key.
  • Avoid selecting random players based on big names. Choose players based on their performances.
  • Another crucial aspect to check is the weather conditions and the venue.
  • Lastly, invest wisely.

Fantasy Football platforms provide a safe and secure playing environment to win money without any risks. The games are simple, and apart from winning rewards, the platform provides the perfect ground to test your football knowledge. To top that, the creators of these fantasy football platforms or apps have developed engaging tasks so that you can play more and win more.