Rummy is one of the most-played card games across the world. Ever since the introduction of the game, rummy has been loved by people from every age group. It has become one of the favourite pastimes of households from all over the world. It is a card game based solely on skills and is a thrilling card game from start to finish. Still, debates have raged over the years on whether rummy is a skill-based game or a luck-based game. And even though the skill-based side has always won the argument, some people remain adamant that rummy requires luck to win. In recent times, the game of rummy has turned online with more and more people opting to play this version. Several online rummy apps have been introduced for the same.

Here are some reasons why rummy is an entirely skill-based card game.

1. The usage of strategies

Strategies form a very large chunk of the game of rummy if you want to win a match. You need to have sharp strategies if you are aiming for a win in rummy. Developing your strategies requires a lot of training and dedication. To achieve all this, a player does not need to be lucky but he needs to have good cognitive skills, excellent thinking prowess and the right attitude.

2. Good mathematical and statistical knowledge

To excel in rummy, a player needs to have sharp knowledge about maths and the statistical probabilities that into the game. If a player does not possess these skills, then unfortunately he will never be able to master the game. Swift calculation of points in hand, good probability of what’s going on in the opponents’ hand, devising strategies based on the first two points. All of these needs to be done at the same point. And that requires skills, not luck.

3. A thorough usage of the brain cells

A player needs to be on his toes during every moment in a rummy game as failure to do so would result in the opponents taking advantage of the situation and pushing him aside. At times, a game of rummy can be incredibly stressful. Under these circumstances, your brain cells and your willpower will determine how well you can take the show ahead. These kinds of mentally challenging situations need all the skills you can have and not just luck.

4. Emotional intelligence and patience

In a game like rummy, emotional intelligence and patience are very underrated as they possibly form some of the biggest deciding factors while playing. If a player knows not to go ahead with the emotions and shows patience during the decision-making process then he has the true making of a rummy expert. With just luck, you can never achieve this proficiency in this game. Also, the patience of a player will get tested during the long duration of a rummy game which consists of four to six players.

Alongside skills, what you need to win in a game of rummy are a few tricks that can help you.

1. Creating a pure sequence

This should be the first thing that you, as a player, should aim for. The reason for this is that a pure sequence holds a lot of significance, especially towards the end of the game. Even if you have missed out on making another sequence after making a pure sequence, the value of the cards which you have used in a pure sequence will not be added to your overall score.

2. Choosing the right table

There are several kinds of tables available in online rummy. There are several offers and free games which will make you want to go to a certain table. But beware of entering a high-stakes game, especially if you are a novice in rummy. You should always try to enter a table that suits your level and has low stakes.

3. Bluff your way correctly

A bluff is a very important factor when it comes to winning a game of rummy. You need to be at the very top of your bluffing skills if you want to fool your opponents. One trick which you can try is to throw a card closer to your important card and create an illusion of a pure sequence or set which may fool your opponent.

4. Never let your opponents read your combination

If you are unable to fool your opponents by creating an illusion, at least ensure that they are unable to read the combination which you may be creating in your hand. Try to avoid picking up a card from an open deck and allow your opponent to read your hand. You should do it only if it is the last card for the sequence that you want to make.

5. Make sure that you get rid of all your high-value cards

Having a high-value card in your hand always puts you at a disadvantage while playing rummy. So, make sure to discard the likes of Ace, King, Queen and Jack as soon as you can. If you keep holding onto them towards the end, then you have a very high probability of losing the game.

6. Practice makes a player perfect

Just like all the other games, rummy requires tons of practice sessions if you want to sharpen your skills at the game. Winning comes with lots of practice, perseverance and experience. The more you play with other players and watch some excellent players of the game, the more you have the chance to improve your skills.

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