Rummy Game is one of the most popular online games in India. It is considered as an extension of gin rummy and 500 rummy. Indian rummy is a variation of a rummy game that includes valid sets out of 13 cards that are spread out to every player on the table. 

Today, there are online rummy games like Rummy Gold, Ultimate Rummy, Play Rummy Card, Indian Rummy Card, and others, where you can play and win the cash reward. Online rummy games organize several tournaments and experts will participate in order to win exciting cash prizes.

In online rummy games, players or people often get confused about which table they have to choose. One must understand that there are different ways in which rummy games are played. There are three different types of online rummy and each of them has a set of rules to play the game, especially the entry fee and the number of players. 

Here are various types of online rummy and their rules

1. Points Rummy 

Points Rummy is often considered the fastest version of online rummy games. In Indian Rummy, Points Rummy is a variation of 13 cards in which each card is assigned a fixed number of points and has a predetermined rupee value. In this game, the winner of every round is declared on the basis of the points they have earned. A player who makes the first valid declaration with zero point will eventually win the game. 


  • Each player in the game is distributed a set of 13 cards randomly. Every game comprises a single deal, which means the player will win every round of the game. 
  • The toss determines which player in the game will make the first move. Every point in the card has a fixed value of Rs. 0.05. The game will begin once the first card from the pack is placed in the open deck.
  •  In the Points Rummy, every player can pick or discard a card from open or closed decks in order to arrange the sets or sequences. 
  • On Playerzpot, a player will have the option of dropping the game in case he/she is uncertain about winning the game. However, they would lose points. If you drop on the first turn then you would lose 20 points. Nonetheless, if you drop the game after the first turn you will lose 40 points. 
  • Before making a valid declaration, a player must ensure that one sequence is pure and won’t be containing a Joker. 
  • A player who made the first valid declaration must combine all the 13 cards in a sequence or sets. 


2. Pool Rummy 

In Pool Rummy, every player on the table has to pool in the money that will be considered as an entry fee for every online rummy game. Every player must pursue to score zero points at the end of each round or game as the points don’t hold any value. The game is won by a player who scored zero points in every deal. A player will automatically be eliminated from the competition if their score reaches the maximum limit of 101 or 201. 


  • Every player participating in a rummy game must pay a predetermined entry fee which will be converted into a pool prize. The toss will decide which player makes the first move. 
  • As soon as every player gets 13 cards each, they have to quickly arrange their cards in a  sequence. 
  • In Pool Rummy, a player will be eliminated from the game when their score reaches the maximum points of 101 or 201. For eg, if a player has reached 201 pool points, then he/she will be out of the game. 
  • In Pool Rummy, every player will have the option of dropping in the middle of the game. If a player decides to drop in the first turn then they would lose 20 points. But, if a player is dropping after the first turn then 40 points will be deducted. 
  • The players will try to keep their total as low as possible. The winner of every deal will receive zero points. 
  • A player who survives till the last will be declared the winner of the rummy game. While other players will split winnings among them. 
  • In Playerzpot, the split option is available only when three or less players decide to divide the winning amount among themselves. 


3. Deals Rummy

Deals Rummy is different from Points Rummy and Pool Rummy. Deal Rummy is often played by people who have sufficient time. Every player participating in the rummy game must pay a fixed entry fee through chips, which will later be converted into Pool Prize. In Deals Rummy, every player will be given a predefined number of chips. Also, the number of deals will also be fixed in this type of rummy game. At the end of every round, a player who wins all the chips will be the eventual winner of Deals Rummy. The player who bags the most chips from the fixed deals will win the prize pool. 


  • Players participating in the game of deals have to pay a fixed entry fee which will be formed as a prize pool. Every player will receive a fixed number of chips in the beginning of the game. 
  • The number of deals will be assigned based on the number of players participating in Deals Rummy. 
  • At the end of the deals, the losers will have to surrender all the chips to the winner of the game on the basis of their score. 
  • Before making a valid declaration, a player must ensure they have at least two sequences, pure and impure. In pure sequence, there won’t be a Joker card.
  • In Deals Rummy, there are two drops – the first drop and the middle drop. The first drop is when a player drops out the round before picking any card, whereas, in the middle drop, a player at least picks up a card before dropping out. 
  • However, the drop option is only available when there are six players on the table. If there are two players on the table, then either of them cannot drop until the game finishes. 
  • If a player makes the first drop then they will lose 20 points, whereas, for a middle drop, a player will get a penalty of 40 points.