Carrom is one of the most widely-played board games across India. The people of this country need no excuse to start playing carrom. It is a means of social gathering amongst friends and bonding time between family members. Carrom is one of the best pastime hobbies of an average Indian household and reaches an all-time high during any Indian festival. Ever since the dawn of time, carrom has grown synonymous with Indian culture and has played a big role in the life of an average Indian child.

In recent years, with the advent of technology, the means to enjoy such games has increased significantly. As a result, the ability to play carrom board online has made it possible to enjoy the board game even more. Carrom has always been a game that needs more skills than sheer luck. As such, there have been several different techniques developed over the years that have helped the players win carrom matches in the most unimaginable way possible. A beginner has to learn the technicalities of the game if he/she wishes to master the game in the future. Here are a few points on how to move the different carrom pieces.

The white and black coins

There are two sets of coins which are used on the carrom board. The black and the white. In a professional play, one group is required to put the white coins in the pocket whereas the other group is required to put the black coins in the pockets. The group with the white coins will break the ring of coins in the centre first. In freestyle play, a player can target both sets to pieces to gain the maximum amount of points. Pocketing a white coin will give you 20 points whereas pocketing a black coin will give you ten points.

The queen

The queen is the most important piece in a carrom game. The queen has the ability to change the outcome of the game. In professional play, one is required to pocket the queen to gain the maximum number of points. To make the queen yours, you first have to pocket the queen and then you have to pocket a cover of the colour which you are assigned (black or white). That is known as covering a queen. Only then can you call the queen your own. If you are unable to pocket the cover then the queen will come back to the centre of the carrom board. In a freestyle game, the queen’s value is a staggering 50 points.


The ammunition for the only weapon allowed on a carrom board, your hands. The striker is used to take a shot at the carrom coins in a bid to put them in the pockets. You can keep the striker anywhere across the strike line to play a shot. You need to do a lot of practice before becoming a master of handling the striker. There are several different moves that are possible as per your ability with the striker.

There are also several trick shots which you can learn while playing carrom. These trick shots not only look good but also help to get out of some very tricky situations. You have truly mastered the game of carrom when you have learned all of these shots and have imbibed it into your game.

Middle Shot

This is particularly a rare shot because the probability of putting two coins simultaneously into the pocket is very low. However, once in many games you come upon a chance where you have the opportunity to make the saying of ‘two birds one stone’ true. If you have successfully managed to hit the shot then it not only looks beautiful but you also take the maximum number of points possible in a single shot.

Cut Shot

The cut shot is one of the widely used trick shots in carrom. It is very useful when your coins are blocked by the opponents and you have to figure out a way to get yourself out of their trap. The cut shot, when hit with perfection, is one of the most beautiful yet simplistic shots of the game.

Rebound Shot

The rebound shot is one of the most important shots to learn especially in the later stages of a carrom game. It is very useful which a game is in its final stage and a player needs to pocket a coin that is inaccessible to him in a straightforward manner. To successfully play a rebound shot, a player has to hit the striker towards the opposite side of the board and make sure the striker deflects off it and hits the coin into the pocket.

The Second Hit

This is one of the most difficult trick shots of carrom because, in this, you not only have to ensure your striker hits one coin effectively but you have to ensure it hits both the coins effectively. You have to hit the striker in such a manner that it pockets the first coin and also goes on to hit the second coin in the pocket or at least bring it closer to the pocket.

Board Shot

This is one of the most spectacular shots of carrom. Although this is not necessarily a shot worth hitting, you can do so if you have the opportunity to hit it and want to impress your friends and family alike. The shot consists of the striker hitting three sides of the carrom board and striking the coin positioned towards your side into the pocket. This shot was immortalised in the movie ‘Munnabhai MBBS’.