Who has yet to hear of Ludo right, I mean whenever someone speaks about it you go on a memory lane drive back in the day. It’s nostalgic right, not only has the game stood the test of time but it has been a mainstay for a majority of gamers. All thanks to the online gaming app, Ludo has been provided with a breath of fresh air that keeps gamers entertained. The ludo game is played by all, irrespective of age group and background, everyone like to get indulge in the ludo game, and who can blame them?

But, did you know that the game has its roots and origins in India? Yes, the game is an ancient creature that was invented in ancient times. The exact origins of the recorded piece of history for the game can be traced to the UNESCO World Heritage site, Ellora Caves, which is situated in Maharashtra. The famous board game was depicted on the walls of the caves thus backing that it was indeed an Indian creation.

Ludo, as we know it today, was called many names in the different timelines of Indian history like Chausar, Chopard, or Pachisi. The game eventually became popular and different versions of the game were then enjoyed in different parts of the world. The Spanish version was called ‘Parcheesi’, and the Chinese called it ‘Chatush pada’. Well, in Africa the game goes by the name of ‘Ludu’. So you see now Ludo was not just confined to India but was reaching the different corners of the world.

Some historians even suggest that Mughal Emperor Akbar was very fond of this game but back then it was a bit different. Instead of using shells or seeds on a piece of cloth, the emperor used real living people as pieces of a big size board. The game was so special to Akbar that he had halls dedicated to this game in his palaces in Agra and Fatehpur Sikri. Needless to say that Ludo did cast its magical spell on the commons and the Kings alike.

It was the year 1891 when a Britisher named Alfred Collier modified the game by mapping it on a board and adding a dice cup to it. He went on to register the game of Pachisi for a patent in the UK, naming it the Royal Ludo, thus the name Ludo since has been the popular name of the game we know today. Later on, the British Royal Navy transformed the game to get their own version of a board game called ‘Uckers’.

This is for Those Who Still Are Unaware of What Ludo is: A Quick Guide on How to Play

You can play the ludo board game with two, three or four players at a time. Four-player setting is the traditional way to go about things. At the beginning of the game, each player is assigned a square on the board with a distinct colour with their four tokens. Players then have to complete the whole journey across the board and reach their respective home stations. But there is a catch!

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Of course, it would have been a routine game with no thrill but in Ludo here you have to attack and defend your tokens. The players with a roll of dice can strike out the opposition’s token thus they have to start their journey once again from the scratch. At the same time players have to be wary of their opposition plotting an attack on them, thus unleashing the most enjoyable chaos a game has to offer. Clearly, no game has had such profound effect on our lives as Ludo and that is the reason it still remains close to our hearts.