Online gaming was a known phenomenon to only those who had Desktops PCs with high-end graphics, or to those who could afford a gaming console such as Xbox and Playstation. Gone are those days now as the online gaming industry has now truly understood the potential and growth of this industry. And guess what you now do not need such expensive pieces of hardware in order to enjoy your online gaming experience.

In contrast to the previously structured online games, the companies are now starting to build on consumers’ needs and demands. Not everyone can afford a high-end laptop or a gaming console which costs fortunes for them instead, they tend to have the gaming experience at their fingertips. Baring in mind the thought of ideal gaming experience there has been a sort of revolution, where the simplest of games are making waves in the online gaming industry.

The ever-increasing number of online gamers are inclined towards the more traditional games, which also has nostalgic vibes to them. The likes of snakes and ladders, rummy game, carrom game, sheep fight and Ludo has been the most popular ones.

Snakes and Ladders

The board game of snakes and ladders is perhaps the most favourite board game out there. And why not? The game itself has the excitement and thrill within the simplest of structures. All you need to do is get your chips to complete a run from 0 to 100. The helping hand here are the ladders that can shoot you up quickly while you also have to beware of the snakes as they bite you down in lower blocks of the boards. The game is highly appreciated amongst online gamers and new modes of the games are also being played and enjoyed.

Rummy Game

Now, who does not like playing card games, more if there’s an opportunity to earn cash prizes in doing so. In that regard, the rummy game has cemented itself as the go-to card game for online users. Unlike other card games, rummy is legal as it is entirely a game of skills. This venture has allowed online gamers to maximize the potential of earning cash rewards by simply joining in the tables on multiplayer modes. Who would have thought you could make real money playing online games right? Well, the secret is out now all you need is the play rummy online.

Carrom Game

The carrom game is perhaps the toughest game on this list as it requires concentration, skills and execution to come out as an outright winner. But thankfully, with the game making its way online the players do not need the physical board, the ambience lights to enjoy their game. Also, the online version has a time limit to play your chance and hence this makes the game more interesting as the gamers have to make tough calls. On the other hand, it does not take much of your time and you could enjoy the game.

Sheep Fight

This is a surprise inclusion here, sheep fight has risen fame and popularity in a very short period of time. This game in particular holds the essence of online gaming for those who do not want swanky desktops or consoles to game on. In this game all you need to do is reduce the points of the opponents by crossing your sheep into their finish line. Sounds easy right? But boy oh boy people get their heads twisted on occasions after back to back defeats. The game is just pure ecstasy with a feeling high as well as the lows.

Ludo Game

If there was a board game that you would never forget to play it surely would be Ludo. The ludo game online has quickly established itself as the most lucrative and appealing game to play online. The game again being online can be played at your convenience, be it a short break, while travelling or be it getting bored. Ludo is the game to lift your spirits, its edge of the seat unpredicted outcomes and the joy of running over the rival players is next to none.