The online gaming industry has been growing at a rapid pace in the past few years. This has not only benefited the global gaming giants but has provided opportunities to the startup gaming industry. The boom has been mutually beneficial for the entrepreneurs, developers and gamers likewise. Moreover, the swift gaming experience on mobile devices has further fueled the push for a better gaming experience.

What is more interesting is that the new console-less gaming service are now gaining more and more traction. games like glance games sheep fight, in particular, have been seeing a rapid increase and growth. Online gamers tend to enjoy their gaming experience on 5-6 inches of a mobile screen, which is convenient, quick and hassle-free for them to enjoy the gaming experience. The millennials are the driving force behind the surge of online gaming and its constant change that meets their demands and expectations.

Further, artificial intelligence (AI) continues to improve and better the overall gaming experience. The involvement of AI in the game enables players to link with fellow gamers and also makes the gaming experience better by making it more interactive. Statistics of a particular game, death cam replays and in-game communications have all been upgraded with the help of AI. Due to this gamers, these days pay a lot of attention to detail which allows players to immerse themselves in a truly interactive and entertaining gaming experience. Through real-time customization of gaming scenarios, AI can take the gaming experience to the next level.

Talking about trends in the online gaming industry for 2021, below we have mentioned some key points.

Professional gamers

While most people play video games for fun but over a period of time some have started looking at it as a professional career. It is not only one of the fastest-growing markets in India but also a popular career option for talented young individuals. From game art professional to game animation, game testing and professional gamers, there are a number of opportunities to choose from and therefore there are huge career opportunities that will influence the online gaming industry in 2022.

Increased use of mobile phone

One of the key trends that will continue its expansion is online gaming on mobile. The mobile phone has been to a go-to device for the users followed by computers, gaming consoles and tablets. The gap is further expected to widen out as gaming on mobile has helped gamers to get the best of experience without investing heavily in computer set-ups and moreover, they can carry it anywhere they like to. The increased usage of mobile gaming helps to increase the potential gaming audience. Therefore more and more developers are now creating content and games that are fit the play on mobile devices.

More interactive games

Gone are those days when the gamers were restricted to certain gameplay fed into the game, nowadays AI-powered games have revolutionized the user experience. The characters can adapt and learn from the actions in the game and thus add an element of fun and unpredictability inside the game. A more and more realistic approach towards the game has been in demand along with ever-increasing excellent graphics. The developers are at such a stage where the characters are designed and reinforced with self-learning actions and evolving features, this can further upscale the gaming experience for the users.

Rise in E-Sports

The trends in the online gaming industry reflect on what the consumers want. In addition to the increased use of the mobile phone for better gaming, the rise of e-sports is also set to influence the kind of games developers will create in 2022 and in the near future. E-sports tournaments with lucrative and massive prize pools have already set the tone for the upcoming major events. The players who are performing well are turning out to be a star on social media with millions of followers. With an ever-increasing demand for better gaming options, the developers will have a task at their hands to launch a befitting game that fulfils the demands and desires of the online gaming community.

More attention to ‘responsible gaming’

Due to ever-increasing incidents of damages and loss caused by the addiction of winning the games and the urge of exploiting the benefits of real money gaming, the operators have now started taking measures to safeguard the users right and interests. A disclaimer suggesting that the game has an element of financial risk is now being added to every piece of promotion. There are teams that keep an eye on the monetary transactions made by the players to keep them in check. The motive is critical and these are going to get more prioritized in the nearby future.


The extensive use of innovative ideas has been spearheading the rise of online gaming sectors. The prospect of ever-evolving technologies and applications used to design the games has got the gaming industry buzzing. It will be interesting to see how the technology and the creative minds of developers transform the gaming industry. It can be rightly said that there is more in the store for the gamers but one cannot predict the massive impact it will have on all of us.