Chess is a game of tactics and timely intervention be it improvising, executing your current strategy, or better coming up with new ideas to attack and defend. The game of online chess is known as the game of the brain, which is why it is vital for the players to have a tactical plan in hand to take on the opposition as they will be prepared with their own plans and attacking strategies. Back in the day, chess was only enjoyed by a limited number of gamers as it required one to have a good knowledge and understanding of the game, but things are changing now with online gaming opening new doors for games like chess. We understand tactics are not easy to formulate or come by, but you need not worry as we have compiled a simple guide for you to follow and create your own chess-winning tactics and how to play chess online.

Understanding Chess Tactics 

Strategic thinking and tactical approach go hand in hand in a game of chess. For you to be successful in your bid of attack or defense you need to have definite tactics and that can only happen if you have a strategic approach, this will allow you to make an account of all possible scenarios along with the possibilities. You can make use of forks, skewers, and discovered attacks as they are known tactics used by players all over the world.

Importance of Calculations 

Calculation literally does not mean calculating the moves in an online chess game but rather an ability to predict or think your moves ahead of your opponent. This particular skill comes in handy as it allows you to think from your opponent’s point of view and thus you prepare your counter-offensive or defense. The important tip here is to try to break down the moves of the opposition and memorize the entirety of the chess board and possible positions in which the pieces can move.

Recognize Tactical Opportunity

Chess indeed is unpredictable but it is the player’s job to somehow formulate a plan with good chess strategies that gives them an edge over the opponent. There will be windows of opportunity where you will be able to exploit your opponent’s position and thus quickly put your plan in motion. For instance, in the game imagine, your opposition has failed to provide enough cover to the attacking pieces like bishop and rook and they are unguarded where a counter would not harm you, in such situations act quickly and take these pieces out of the equation. 

The biggest indicator of all for you to go all in will be the vulnerable position of the opponent’s king. Mind you the king is the most important piece on the chess board and the elimination of the king is a win for either of the players who manage to do so. In case the opponent is too caught up in plotting moves to take you down but has not fortified the king’s protection, just go heavy with all guns blazing as such opportunities are rare in the game. To help you understand better let us take a look at an example. Suppose, the queen, the bishop, and the pawns are scattered on the board and gaps are visible for you to strike a check, do so as the opponent will be taken by surprise, and in the confusion of defense a mistake a bound to happen which can be pounced upon.

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Evaluate Tactical Positions 

The evaluation of tactical positions is a simple check on the current situation on a chessboard. But why should you evaluate the tactical position? As you have more than one move or option to play and in response to the move you make, your position will be decided on the move you make which can be advantageous or disadvantageous, so it is vital that you do evaluate your tactical position before engaging with your plan or strategy. 

It is advised that you make sure you have the king’s safety secured as it is not a wise move in chess to leave your king unguarded. Even if you see an opening to attack the opposition inflicting heavy damage but doing so at the cost of relinquishing your king’s line of defense is not a good move. Moreover, take note of the position of your pieces across the board, and align them in a plan or the path you want rather than just allowing them to flow unhinged. 

Calculations Tactics and Tips 

Always start your calculations by observing the end result of your opponent’s move. Here your observation skills do the majority of heavy lifting. So given that you know the consequence of the opponent’s last move you will be able to come up with a good response. The second tip here is to identify the difference between forced and non-forced moves. A forced move will see you make a direct threat to the opposition where his/her hand will be forced in relation or defense, while the unforced move is not a threat where the opponent is free to make any move they like. Check, Captures, and Threat are examples of forced moves. It is better to calculate the forced moves over the unforced ones as it makes no sense in replenishing your time and resources on non-forced moves as forced moves are the ones that will hand your a significant advantage in the game. 

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Solving Tactical Puzzles 

Playing online chess games you will be in a situation where you will have to solve tactical puzzles. You may not always get it your way and you will have to improvise on your current strategy or plans as per the situation. By upscaling on solving tactical puzzles you add a potent weapon to your chess arsenal that will indeed play a major role in winning games for you. Playerzpot online chess game is one such platform where you can solve a chess puzzle and get rewarded. So plan out your strategies, tactics and solve them to conquer the highest peak named the online chess champion. 

Practicing Tactical Plays 

It is all hunky dory until you face the real opponent and this is where your real test begins. You will only get better at tactical players when you apply them in a real matchup. At Playerzpot you will be able to participate in a number of games and contests of your choice. Along with paid games and tournaments, you will have an option of free pots and games which is a perfect place for you to grind out your strategies and tactics. Only regular practice and a thorough knowledge about working of your tactics will lead you to positive results.

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Conclusion – Calculation and strategy planning will always be at your core tactical approach when playing online chess games. It is only with the proper use of calculation and tactical fitness you will be able to ace the game and win big. Chess master is a position you will not bestow upon in just a few games, but regular practice hard grind, and the use of the above-mentioned tactics with a consistent approach will yield in positive outcomes.