Carrom is a multiplayer game that you can play online and offline. Recently, it has garnered significant attention in online platforms. You can play this game online with your friends and family or with random strangers from all over the globe. You should know the carrom game rules to enjoy a fair and competitive gaming experience. In this article, we have discussed in detail all the carrom rules we must remember while playing this game. Let’s discuss the fundamental carrom rules and their importance for a good gaming experience.

The Essential Carrom Game Rules

So, you don’t know the carrom gaming rules? Do not worry when we are coming to your feed. Have a quick recap of the rules if you have forgotten it. Or you can learn them fresh if you are unaware of it. So, why waste time? Let’s have a quick overview of the carrom game rules.

1. The Objective of the Game:

Before we dive into more carrom rules details, let’s first clear out the objective of this game. Before focusing on how to play carrom, we should focus on why we are playing it in the first place. In this game, pocket all your pieces and your black or white carrom pieces. Although, you won’t win the game if you leave the Queen on the board. The queen piece is the singular red piece you see on the board. Win the game if you can pocket all your carrom pieces, including the Queen, before your opponent.

2. Board Setup:

To learn how to play carrom, first, try to know the board setup. The board has four holes on the four sides, and each hole has a net under it, and they catch the pieces. These holes are the pockets. Then, we see two circles in the middle of the board. The smaller circle in the center is where we place the red or the Queen piece. Then, we position all the other carrom pieces around these circles. It is our starting position. There is a rectangle on each of the four sides, where you use the rectangle’s whole length on either side as the baseline where they put the striker to strike. Place the board on a flat surface because otherwise, a wobbly board can never give an accurate position to the pieces.

3. Striking Rules:

The striking rule is one of the most significant rules among the carrom board rules. The striker disc is placed on the baseline. Thus, it cannot touch the line beyond it. You strike the striker with a flicking motion, which hits the pieces and helps you pocket your carrom men. You must ensure that the placement of your striker is in such a way that it strikes the carrom men you want and does not get you a foul. You get an extra chance to play if you can pocket a piece. Once you fail, the game moves on to the next player.

4. Scoring System:

After the game has finished, the winner scores one point for every piece of the opponent left on board. They get an extra 5 points for covering the Queen. Therefore, the maximum point that a player can earn while playing carrom is 14 points. According to the carrom board rules, 29 points is the maximum in a match. For match play, if the winner’s point has reached 24 or more points, they don’t get the bonus of 5 points for pocketing the Queen. You get a penalty if you mistakenly pocket your opponent’s carrom piece. You need to return one of your pocketed pieces and the red carrom piece if you own it.

5. Queen’s Role:

The red piece is the Queen. It is the most crucial in the entire board game. While setting up the board, the Queen piece is placed in the middle of all the carrom men. To get bonus points, you need to pocket the Queen. You cannot win the game by just gaining your pieces. You must have and cover the Queen. 

Pocket one of your carrom pieces after pocketing the red carrom piece to cover the Queen. If you fail to get your carrom men after you have the Queen, you must return the Queen to the board.

6. Fouls and Penalties:

Fouls are the deadliest punishments for a player when you are playing carrom. Multiple gaming mistakes in the carrom can be considered foul play, and you can be penalized for those mistakes. The basic and the most common fouls players commit while playing this game are failing to strike the striker’s disc to pocket any piece from your side but instead pocketing the opponent’s carrom piece. Another mistake can be pocketing the striker or even striking the striker out of the board. The worst kind of penalty is to forfeit one of the pieces that you have already pocketed. That one penalty pushes your progress backward by a lot.

7. Winning the Game:

Carrom is a very competitive game. The whole game heavily depends on strategic gameplay. If you fail to make your moves after considering every angle from the beginning, it will be challenging enough to win the game, depending on luck. While you are pocketing your carrom pieces, you will have to make sure that you in no way make it easier for your opponents to pocket their pieces. Don’t make foul play that can cost you penalties. 

Try to pocket and cover the queen piece as soon as possible, as it gives you an edge in the game. Use every angle with minimal mistakes because mistakes are the biggest enemy while playing, like a competitive game like the carrom.

8. Online Gameplay Consideration:

Carrom is an age-old game. It is a traditional game in our culture. We have been playing carrom for ages. There may have been a few changes in the game over the years, but the basic rules and regulations remain the same no matter when. Now, we can play this old game online. There haven’t been many changes even while playing the game online, but some differences can be seen when we play the game online compared to when we play offline. The primary difference is that while you play online carrom, you can pocket either the black or the white pieces. For the black carrom men, you score 10 points. For the white, you score 20 and 50 for the red. Everything else remains, to some extent, similar to the original board game. 

9. Fair Play and Sportsmanship:

When you play online games, the site or the app makes sure that the players do not get the opportunity to break the rules. So, every player must maintain the rules while playing online carrom. It shows a good sportsman spirit. Following the rules and regulations of the game shows that you respect your opponents and you respect your passion for the game. So, let’s be respectful players and enjoy this exciting game.

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To summarise, the crucial carrom board rule for online players to enjoy a competitive gaming experience is to ensure they do not pocket the striker or your opponent’s pieces. Remember that even if you need to pocket the queen piece, you must cover it with another of your carrom pieces. Otherwise, you will waste your time, turn, and energy. 

Mastering these rules of the carrom game can be a fundamental part of the how-to-play carrom agenda. Mugging these rules and regulations can help you have a better gameplay experience. A similar thing is applicable in the case of carrom. 

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