One of the most popular board games is Snakes and Ladders. It was invented in India in the 2nd Century B.C. People also use the Moksha Patamu or Mokshapat. Although the game’s inventor is unknown, some historians think the credit may go to Saint Gyandev.

Board games like snake and ladders are popular in Indian households. Ladders represent virtues such as faith, generosity, faith, and humility, while on the contrary, snakes represent vices like anger, lust, theft, and murder. In India, people believe in the game’s morality, that a person can attain moksha or liberation through doing good. On the other hand, by accomplishing evil, one can be reborn as a lower form of life.   

How To play?  

You can hardly find an Indian household where the snakes and ladders board game has never been played. Here, players roll a die and start navigating the board. Landing on a ladder advances you to a square further up the board. 

While landing on a snake means you have to go back to a previous square. Reaching the final one should be your ultimate aim. It is a race based on sheer luck, which is quite popular with children.

To play any board game, you must master some winning strategies you know about how to play snakes and ladders. Apply the rules of the traditional Snake & Ladders and add some twists to the game to stop your opponent in their tracks. 

Start the eliminated token from the initial point and land with two at the finish line to win the game successfully. 

Following are some tips to win real money by playing this game. Let’s have a look at it once:

  • Understand the game

An in-depth knowledge of the basics increases your chances of winning the match.

  • Avoid snakes

Snakes bring twists and make it more engaging. They work as hurdles, and once you get on any number with the snake’s mouth, you slide down to its tail and lose points.

  • Climb the ladder carefully!

Ladders help you reach the goal quickly and make the game more enjoyable. So, play strategically and climb it with utmost care.

  • Roll the dice in your favor!

Indeed, rolling the exact number of dice to win this game. However, it is challenging. But if you accept the challenge and if luck favors you, you grab a big win that will make your day.

  • Capture the opponent’s token!

Capturing the opponent’s token to roll your dice and move your token is amusing and exciting at the same time.

  • Safeguard your

Putting your token far away from your opponents is essential to winning the game.

  • Aim Number Six

Although uncertain, rolling number 6 helps you reach number 100 quickly.

With the changing scenario and digital transformation, board games have moved to digital platforms. There are several conveniences associated with playing online.

Play Snake & Ladder Board Game Online

The Online Snakes and Ladders game is far more intriguing than the traditional Snake and Ladders board game. Instead of one playing token, it has two distributors amongst the players on the board. Go for the Snake game download from apps like Playerzpot and win real money online. 

To download the game online, you must download the PlayerzPot application through its official website. The applications are available on IOS and Android devices. You must register your mobile number, after which you will receive a download link. Upon downloading, you can click on games, and after that, you will come across the game’s options to choose from per your choice and taste. 

For instance, the app offers you to play in multiplayer 1V1 mode against a random opponent. You can enjoy playing chess online with real players & win real and exciting cash prizes at PlayerzPot.

Tips and tricks to play the game on digital platforms

There are numerous reasons why you should play the best board games on a digital platform instead of in a physical space. Modern life has made it challenging to meet our friends and families in person. When relatives are scattered throughout the globe, the Internet of things has come to the rescue.

One of the primary differences between offline and online gaming is internet connectivity. You can install the game on your mobile, computer, gaming laptop, or other smart devices or play them through free gaming software. 

On digital platforms, you can play it with two to four players who can partake in the snakes and ladders game online. The player’s objective in the game is to snatch the last square on the board as quickly as possible. 

The game doesn’t require any massive skills or mathematical knowledge beforehand. However, some amount of luck should always be there with you. Board games are good opportunities to learn simple arithmetic tricks like addition and subtraction. It is simple, and you can learn to win it in no time.

Stay connected with your friends!

Board games are tabletop games that involve counter movement or placing of pieces on the playing surface or a pre-marked board. Online board games teach you to play by rules and aid in numerous social skills development. These are essential to our well-being. Today, when your friends and family are busy with their schedules and living far away, online gaming encourages both communication skills and teamwork. 

They also teach leadership qualities, quick decision-making skills, patience, and the ability to deal with immediate and surprising situations.

Family board games help you improve problem-solving, higher-level strategic thinking, and decision-making skills while remaining connected with people and enjoying their company. Remain connected with your friends.

Conclusion: Final Thoughts 

Online snakes and ladders games are better than offline games, and their relevance in today’s scenario is gradually increasing. 

 As board games involve various strategic, psychological, and mathematical elements, they provide several chances to increase the skills that help you make the right decision in any personal and professional situation.

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