India and its countrymen have always been associated with a huge variety of board games, we have not only been playing but also have invented some of the most famous board games ever like Snakes and Ladders, Ludo and Chess. On the other hand, card games were introduced to India by the Mughals in the 16th century AD. It was a court game at first, luxurious and lucrative looking cards were used in the game which were made out of tortoise shells or ivory and many precious gems were used to decorate these cards, known as Ganjifa cards. The cards were influenced from Indian epics Ramayana and Mahabharata and were handcrafted by the local artisans.

Later as the time progressed, cards made of palm leaves and wood also came into existence because of which the residents (common people) also came to know about cards. Since it had a reputation of being a court-game, it spread amongst people like fire in the forest and became one of the most popular and handy forms of entertainment in India as it was easy to carry anywhere. Rummy was one of the many games that could be played with the help of these cards and it became so popular that a whole new category was born, called Indian Rummy.

Evolving from a game that was played by the female aristocracy, royals of the house, to a game of common men – it has become a very common game amongst Indians in modern day as we play it every day in meetups, family gatherings, festivals and it is even used as a brain exercise.

With the technologies and mindsets evolving from that age in time to the modern age, we as humans have come far and modified a lot of things. The game of rummy has also evolved to a better and more fun version. It is now played by the richest and the poorest, oldest and the youngest and most importantly – it brings everyone together without differentiating anyone. Different people from all parts of the country have given their contribution to the game and it is now all fitted into one game called the Indian rummy. The modern-day rummy has two forms in general, which are

  1. 13 cards game
  2. 21 cards game

Out of which the 13-card game is the more popular version of Indian rummy.

Rummy is easy to play and even easier to learn, it is a game that requires skill and brain to win rather than just practice. This makes the game of rummy a very interesting game. You just need to have a deck of cards and people that are willing to have fun along with you. This game can be enjoyed digitally now during the crisis that we face because of Covid and there are some very nice platforms, like Playerzpot which allows you to enjoy the game with the best rummy app in the market.

Our very own highest court of the law and order, The Supreme Court of India, recognizes rummy as a game which requires more skill, strategy and intellect rather than plain luck. This has allowed the people to accept the game to a wider extent.

All the proofs say that India and rummy are inseparable as it is a part of our culture. In the last ten years, India has seen the love for rummy increase to a greater extent due to the technological development throughout the nation and the game can now be enjoyed both online and offline! Thanks to the online medium, the rummy app is now here – Playerzpot itself, where the rewards and fun are never ending.

We no longer need a place to gather, we don’t need physical cards and we certainly don’t need the same people using their same tricks in every game. We now have the best rummy app where you can look for people online, with a phone in hand you can do anything in this digital age. Many people are now thankful that they are challenging a new level of their expertise with fixed rules of the game online rather than arguing with those cheating cousins.

Players can win real cash in the tournaments on the best rummy app and Playerzpot is the best available platform with the most elite customer support team available at your disposal. It has a base of more than 70 lakh players which is increasing continuously just like the rewards that they get for playing on the best rummy app.

Online rummy is popular because you can play it anywhere you want – during a commute or at weekend parties or while sitting at your bed while you’re done with day-to-day work. You can download the best rummy app, Playerzpot, right now and start enjoying the game without any delay.

Rummy has gone above and beyond the geographical borders and cultural ambiguities into a universal entertainment medium where everyone enjoys the game. Indians consider rummy to be a part of the tradition and it has a lot of scopes to grow more in future.

There is a tradition to play rummy with family and friends during festivals, more so during Diwali which is India’s one of the biggest festivals filled with a lot of joy. It is considered to be a game that brings good prosperity and fortune for those who play it during the festival. The festival itself is one that shows the win of skill, knowledge and love over hatred and evil.

Rummy has 20+ variants which means that you will never get bored of the game and it has something new for all the players out there. The most popular modes in India are –

  1. Points Rummy
  2. Pool Rummy
  3. Deals Rummy

In the online gaming community on the best rummy app, these are the ones that most people like to enjoy. They have been a part of the rummy culture for a long time and they will remain in the culture in future too.

Rummy offers a lot of benefits to its players such as increasing focus, cognitive abilities and it is also a great stress-relieving game that relaxes the mind and develops multi-tasking skills in the players. Rummy culture is very popular in the modern-day because of the digitalisation of our country and the availability of the best rummy app on different platforms.