Rummy undoubtedly is the most popular card game played online. Being a game of skill and not chance it is absolutely legal to play in India. Many of the Rummy enthusiasts have made this passion of theirs into a profession and are earning real money by playing online rummy.

All thanks to the fantasy gaming platform where players have the option to play for free and then move on to cash contests and tournaments where you can win big. However, getting your hands on a cash prize will be a tough task as you will be up against real players who are also in it to win it.

Therefore before you join or start practising rummy games online you will need to make some intelligent choices which in turn will get the best out of you. Below there are some of the tips that will help you become an intelligent rummy player.

Play on a reliable gaming website
One thing you should consider first is that not all rummy websites are reliable to play on. So you will have to look for a platform that offers secured gaming, ease of playing and a reliable gaming platform. Also, make sure these websites offer free to play games so that you are not directly pushed into playing cash games with players who are already seasoned and well versed with the game.
A reliable site will always help you understand their games basic rules and let you know about the skills and strategies involved. In this way, the players have a basic understanding of what the game is about and how to enjoy it. Also, information regarding upcoming tournaments and updates is a must so that you do not miss out on the action.

Arrange the cards well in your hands
Another important tip is to get your cards arranged well after being handed over to you by the dealer. Start making the pure sequences and sets in your hand and accordingly place them in a way that is appropriate for you. Also, make an arrangement of the cards you want to discard.
There might be instances where you feel you will have to quit the game soon because the card being dealt are not play worthy. However, it is advised that in such situations do not back out immediately and play a few rounds to improve the cards in your hand. Thus with the proper arrangement of cards, you will be sure of what decisions you need to make in the game.

Make proper use of the joker
A joker card in rummy helps you to complete a set or sequence if you are missing the cards. It is a trump card that often can come to your rescue and even lead you to victory if used wisely. Joker is a face-up card alongside the deck and another one is the actual joker both can be used in the game.
Often is the case where players could have turned the tide around with the use of joker but lack of skills and knowledge about joker’s use see them leave the table. Make sure you do not follow the suit and use the joker to your advantage in the game. Although you should be aware that using a joker you cannot meld pure sequences, the sequence formed using the joker is called an impure sequence.

Decide the cards to discard
One of the important tricks in playing rummy is to discard the card you do not want to use. But you will have to carefully discard your cards as your opponents will be keeping a close eye on your moves and you would not want to help them. You can know how you are helping, if you have discarded a higher value card and is picked by your rival you will then have an idea of what they are up to.
It is advised that higher value cards need to be discarded as early as possible, the cards like Jack, Queen, King and Ace are higher value cards. If you are not meddling pure sequences using these you will be better off discarding them as soon as possible. The lesser the points in the hand the more are your chances of losing less in a cash game. So it’s better if you practice this skill in free to play games and get used to it.

Confuse your rivals
One of the best ways you could get the better of your rivals is by confusing them. As soon as the cards are in the player’s hand, everybody is looking for making sets and sequences right away. You being in a similar situation will have to calm yourself down and look around the table at what’s going on. See what cards are your rivals discarding and picking from the pile.
You will also get an idea of what a player is looking to make by the cards picked up from the discard pile. So bluff that you are creating an impure sequence while you are making sets in such a way rivals might also discard the cards you need thus helping you in doing so.

Crown yourself as the winner
Keeping these tips in mind you will be able to upskill your game and get better with it over a period of time. Be it free to play games or cash tournaments these tips will come in handy and yield good results for you. Still, if you are wondering where should you start playing rummy online? Opt for platforms like PlayerzPot where you can enjoy playing your favourite games in a secured environment and win cash prizes and more.

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