The classic board game Ludo has attained a level of popularity that perhaps other gamers might fail to reach. A simple yet inclusive game mechanics that always seem to surprise and entice the gamers to their core. Four players with four tokens each fighting against each other to race towards the safe home is truly a chaotic sight but when playing the game, the planning, plotting, and execution just move so swiftly. No wonder the game has been able to have such a profound impact and continues to do so now with far-reaching levers such as online gaming.

Online Ludo is the new way to game your favorite board game. Easy access to the internet and the availability of cheap smartphones have now ignited the spark for gamers to join contests and tournaments online. Moreover, the x-factor for these Ludo games to have gained success online is the fact that you can earn real money simply by competing against Ludoheads like you. 

Now it sure can be a difficult task in itself to search for a good genuine and rewarding Ludo gaming app online. With a lot of options, there is confusion, on top of that you as a gamer sure want a fraud-free and jitter-free gaming experience. In this blog, we will take a look at some of the best ranked online Ludo games that you can enjoy with your friends and family. 

Here are the Best Ludo Online Games 

1. Playerzpot Ludo 

If you have tried to search for online Ludo games, Playerzpot is definitely the name that you might have come across. Known for its inclusive and innovative Ludo game, the app is designed for gamers to cater to their needs and preferences rather than putting a generic option. Here you can participate in cash-rich tournaments and games that have rewards worth up to Rs 50 lakhs. With different pot selections, the players can choose from the game they like as these games have varied entree fees and winnings. You have Raftar Ludo and SLL a slightly different gaming innovation that can only be enjoyed on the Playerzpot Ludo app. 

2. MPL Ludo

Gaint of online games in India, MPL has left no stone unturned and came out with their very own MPL Ludo game. Talk about safety, reliability, and ease of gaming this Ludo app ticks all the boxes, thus making it one of the preferred destinations for Ludo gamers to enjoy their gaming experience. The game is available on both iOS and Android platforms so that everyone can get to play their favourite board game on the go. Advanced graphics and quick transfer of funds are other added features that you get with MPL Ludo.

3. Zupee Ludo Supreme 

Zupee have its own version of the Ludo game named Ludo Supreme. Known for their extensive cashback and withdrawal bonus, the Zupee Ludo is just like any other Ludo app but only better. Here they have RNG certification, a dedicated customer support team, and tournaments that run 24/7, thus allowing the gamers to pick and choose according to their convenience. You have Ludo variations like Ludo Turbo and Ludo Ninja thus allowing you to try out something fresh and thrilling. The Ludo Supreme League is what sees a majority of the action with players from all corners of the country competing for the reward money. 

4. Winzo Ludo

Winzo Ludo cash games have been around for some time now. Owing to their portfolio of a wide range of casual game offerings, it was only a matter of time before they came up with their own Ludo game. Here you get an instant discount of rs 550 on joining the Ludo app which you can use to play or participate in cash games and contests. They have a withdrawal mechanism game on lock with partners like Paytm and UPI thus allowing the players to quickly cash in on their winnings.

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5. Rush Ludo

Rush Ludo has tweaked the game for good. Keeping the traditional Ludo elements alive they have notched up the thrill levels by adding a time frame to the game. Here you only get 10 minutes to master the game and outplay your opponents. Plus you do not need a roll of 6 on the dice to start playing, all the tokens are free to move from the get-go, a change that a lot of us wish we could have had in the early days. With 70 Lakhs up for grabs, they are amongst the most rapidly growing online Ludo platforms. 

6. Khiladi Adda Ludo 

Adding to this list is the Khiladi Adda Ludo app, Here you have the classic, series, and timer mode Ludo games. So no need to jump from one Ludo game to another you have all you want in one single app. A total of 3 million Khiladis have made this app their Ludo home with winnings as high as 1 Crore. Using the joining code you get an instant Rs25 as the bonus and that is just the beginning as many other bonuses and rewards follow as one starts their journey. Instant withdrawal, 24/7 customer support, and 100% TDS refunds are additional benefits you get with the Khiladi Adda Ludo game. 

7. Ludo Empire 

Last but not least, concluding this list we have Ludo Empire which is slowly but gradually getting its foothold in the online Ludo segment. They have 80 lakhs+ trusted users many more looking to join the game. Using the sign-up bonus you can join in the game of your choice and they too have both the traditional and modern twist mode games to choose from. The winnings are swiftly added you your bank account using a secure mode of transfer. 

All the above-mentioned Ludo apps have their own distinct character and tastes that may differ but one thing they do have in common is the fact they offer our beloved game to play at our own convenience. The fact that long-lost friends can get back in touch and that too on a game of Ludo is just scintillating throughout. To add cherry on the top of the cake, the advent of you making real cash just by playing Ludo games online is just amazing. Take your pick, choose from the options above and embark on your online Ludo journey.