Carrom, as a game, has been a part of an average Indian’s life at least once in their lifetime. Such is the popularity of carrom in India that the board game is one of the most-played traditional games in India and the most-played board game in India. Carrom is the favourite pastime of the festivals in India and traditionally, the carrom boards have always been brought out during a family get-together or whenever friends meet each other. Although the winner or loser may not be guaranteed, what is guaranteed is a complete loss in time tracking due to the amount of enjoyment you’ll be having playing it.

Over the years, the traditional way of playing carrom has kept on changing and with the advent of smartphones, the way of playing the game has dramatically changed. The availability of the highly-addictive game at the palm of your hands has led to a breakthrough in online board games with more and more people opting for the same because of ease of access and mobility of the game. When people got to know that you don’t need to carry the heavy carrom board whenever you feel like playing carrom with friends and family then that dramatically changed the way this game was perceived online.

Reasons For Playing Online Carrom

1. Sharpens skill and tests your luck – Carrom, as a game, is one of the most skilful board games that also takes into account a little bit of luck. As a board game, it requires the highest amount of luck and patience. But it’s not to say that a person who never has played the game can’t learn to play it in a short time. There are also some times when your luck could be tested while playing carrom. If you have good luck then it is possible that you may be able to hit even the most difficult of coins into the pocked and if bad luck rules then you even find your striker inside the pocket.

2. Helps build patience and concentration – Even if you may not possess the skills to master this game, if you have enough patience and concentration then you can go pretty far in this game. This proves that carrom not only concentrates on fun and entertainment but also helps with the general life skills. It helps sharpen the qualities of patience and concentration which prove beneficial in the other sections of life.

3. Helps with teamwork – Carrom is perhaps one of the only board games which have a spirit of teamwork imbibed in the gameplay. As a team, you learn what to do in situations where you have a better partner or a weaker partner and how to adjust your strategy accordingly. Communicating while in a team also helps with sharpening the skills of teamwork. These board games work help introverts come out of their comfort zone and learn to play as a team. All of this helps them later in their personal as well as professional lives.

4. An ideal way of socialising – In this period of lockdown and work from home, socialising physically has turned into a societal taboo that is often being frowned upon. During such a time, it is games like these that implement a little bit of fun factor while sitting alone in your home. Rather than while away your time on social media, why not have a lot of harmless fun with your friends playing the game that you love most? Also, online carrom not only gives you the opportunity to play with just your friends, but it also allows you to make new friends and socialise with others.

5. Super convenient – Playing carrom games online does not need time commitments from your friends and family to play the game. In an offline carrom game, one needs to have time and a good atmosphere to play the game. Even if you are travelling and your friend is somewhere else, then you can still play with him online. Online carrom games will also allow you to compete with random players at just a fingertip on the screens of your mobile phones. The carrom is one of the popular games that help you strike boredom.

6. Make money while sitting home – One of the biggest advantages to playing carrom online is the little amount of money you can make while playing your favourite game. If you have the skill and even a limited amount of time, you can earn well enough playing online carrom. There are several competitions set up to ensure you win along with having a blast of a time. If one is not confident to play the cash game, the carrom can also be played for free. If the player is confident enough to win the game, then they can enter the online cash carrom games to earn real money. Play carrom and earn money only at PlayerzPot.

Here are some basic rules for playing carrom online

– In the first turn, the player is allowed three attempts to break the central ground of coins. It doesn’t matter which coin the striker hits first or if the striker hits no pieces at all.

– Whenever a player puts a coin of whatever colour he is designated in the pocket then he shall receive another chance with the striker.

– The ultimate winning prize is the queen. If you managed to take the queen then you stand to gain the highest number of points if you win a game.

– If a player pockets someone else’s coin then the points are added to the opponents’ tally.

– If a player manages to put the inside the pocket then he will be levied a fine of one coin; i.e. one coin of his will come onto the board.