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The Great snakes, ladders and ludo Experience

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About Snakes, Ladders and Ludo Game

Snakes, Ladders and Ludo | Online Game | PlayerzPot

Snakes and Ladders is perhaps the most popular board game ever known. The game which is today known by snakes and ladders was originally invented in India back in the 2nd Century B.C. The game back then was known by the name of Mokshapat or Moksha Patamu. Although no one, in particular, is credited for the invention of this game. Some historians believe that it was originally invented by Saint Gyandev.
The game was associated with the traditional Hindu Philosophy of Karma and Kama. The game has been interpreted and used as a teaching tool for good deeds and bad deeds. The ladders represented virtues like generosity, faith, humility while the snakes head represented vices such as lust, anger, murder, and theft. The moral lesson of this game was one can attain Moksha through doing good whereas one doing evil will be reborn as the lower forms of life.
However, since the ancient days, the game underwent a few changes and the modern version of the snakes and ladders is what we play today. In modern history, the game was known by many names such as Chutes and Ladders, Bible Ups and Downs, Saanp aur Seedhi and Parama Padam. Despite the different names the games has stayed true to their core and is pretty much enjoyed by all individual regardless of their age.

Snakes, Ladders and Ludo On PlayerzPot

This was inevitable, considering how popular the game of snakes, ladders and ludo is there was no way it could miss out on the potential audience online. The game is now being played online with players tunning in from all over the world on fantasy sports platforms. PlayerzPot is one of the best gaming apps in India and offers you to play your favourite game at your own convenience without taking the trouble of finding players.
PlayerzPot Snakes, Ladders and Ludo not only offers you the ultimate gaming experience but an opportunity to fees and prize pools. The game is designed in such a manner that everyone gets assured prizes and rewards. So be it first-time players or seasoned snakes, ladders and ludo players, every player’s preferences are taken care of by the team at PlayerzPot. What’s interesting about playing snakes, ladders and ludo on PlayerzPot is that you have two tokens instead of one and you can eliminate your opponent. This is a taste of ludo added to the game of snakes, ladders and ludo.
Although despite the popularity of the game there are a number of users who are playing the game of snakes ladders and ludo for the first time. In such instances, it is better to know the basic rules and facts regarding the famous board game snakes, ladders and ludo.

Tips To Win at snakes, ladders and ludo

1. Get Both the Tokens Up and Running

With PlayerzPot’s version of snakes, ladders and ludo, you have two tokens to play with. So in case, you have rolled six twice consecutively instead of moving the already token on board ensure your second token is brought into the play. This will help you massively and importantly it creates a numerical advantage over the opponent if he has just a single token running on the board.

2. Create Traps for Your Opponents

With two tokens into the play, you will have the opportunity to knock your opponent back to square one. So the best way to do this is by keeping one of your tokens behind the rival players token. For example, if the opponent's token is on the 8th square ensure one of your’s is behind him so that it creates a trap.

3. Never Stop at the Top of the Ladder

This might come in handy quite well. Upon climbing the ladder one must not get too comfortable as the odds might turn against you and your opponent might climb the same ladder just resulting in the elimination of your token. So be aware of this fact whenever playing snakes, ladders and ludo on PlayerzPot.

4. Keep Your Tokens Together

Do not rush in reaching the 100th square with just one of your tokens. The opponent might single your one token which is further down the board and the one aiming to reach the 100th mark might get bitten by a snake so ensure both the token are running with a short distance in between them. Finest of details as such will only help you win the game.

5. Make Use of Skipping the Move

You might find yourself in a situation where the number rolled does not help you in any way. If you move your token you either get bitten by the snake or there is a possibility of the opponent knocking you down in his next turn. So here you can choose to skip your chance thus not moving any of your tokens. You have a total of two chances where you can skip your move. This will ensure that you have breathing space whenever you are in a tough spot. Do not rush in the game be attentive about the options you have on your hands.

6. Ensure You Switch Off Your Notifications During the Game

This might seem a rather lame and useless trick but overtime after playing this game you might know its importance. The incoming calls and notifications in between the game can lead to disconnection and then you might lose the game in such cases. It’s better to not pick up calls and switch off the notifications toggle so that you can focus on your game and ensure your win.

7. Choose Your Pots Wisely

Considering that you are new to the game the best pots for you will be the ones that do not offer higher rewards as here you can upgrade your skills and learn from your experience. In the pots of high rewards, the players playing against you are seasoned ones and they could get better of you. So choose your pot wisely, take your time with the game and then proceed to higher pots.

8. Practice

The only thing despite all the above-mentioned tips that will help you win snakes, ladders and ludo is practice. You can never become a good player of snakes, ladders and ludo online if you are not playing it frequently. Rusty gameplay will only allow the opponents to get better of you, so to avoid this make sure you tune in to the game regularly and continue on your journey to becoming a champion of snakes, ladders and ludo online.

What Is So Different About Playezpot Snakes, Ladders and Ludo?

Users will have a total of 2 tokens to play within the game. Unlike the single token, the addition of 2 tokens makes things more interesting, adding to this fact is that you can also eliminate your opponent just like you do in a game of Ludo. Upon elimination, the player’s token will reach the starting tile ( Tile Number 1). Also, the player who eliminated the token gets a bonus roll of the dice. The players can also be eliminated in a case where a player gets to the ladder and at the finish point, there are opponent's tokens, in such a case a kill is awarded along with a bonus roll of dice.
Now that the secrete is out there should be nothing to stop you from trying your hand by playing snakes, ladders and ludo online on PlayerzPot. The platform has been successful in providing online gamers with endless opportunities of winning prizes and rewards through fantasy sports. Make sure you do not miss out on the prospect of earning real money just by playing games online.
PlayerzPot application is available for download via their official website You can download and install this application on your mobile. If you are looking for a mobile version of the application all you need to do is register your mobile number on the PlayerzPot website and you will be forwarded a link to download the application.
Upon registration of your mobile number, you will get the snakes, ladders and ludo games to download apk link on your mobile. Share the link and download the app on your preferred device. You can also get a download link for the IOS app. Once downloaded you can then enjoy playing your favourite board game of snakes, ladders and ludo that too at your own convenience and comfort.
Roll the dice and enter the pool of excitement and entertainment. The six on the dice will take you to the peaks of curiosity and joy. Roll the dice climb the ladders and escape the clutches of the snakes to reach the top becoming the winner. It is tough to escape the thrill and joy of playing snakes, ladders and ludo when you are immersed in its gameplay. There is no better gateway to happiness than playing your favourite game online.
You are all set now, whenever you feel like you have spare time and you want to make the most of it. Just log into your PlayerzPot account, click on the snakes, ladders and ludo game and enjoy the thrill and entertainment at your fingertips.

How To Play Snakes, Ladders and Ludo?

  • At a time two players can join in a game of snakes, ladders and ludo. There are a total of 100 tiles on the board with ladders and snakes on the regular intervals of the board. Ladders will help you skip the squares and make your move ahead easier while the snake will bring you down the board further making your progress a tough one.
  • To start the play, the players have to roll six in order for their respective token to start their journey on the board. No player can start their game if the number six has not been rolled by them.
  • Each player is given 30 seconds to roll the dice and make the move. In case of no response, the turn passes onto the next player.
  • No player can choose to skip the roll of the dice, in case your dice rolled 2 you have no other option but the move forward the token.
  • You do get a bonus roll of dice upon rolling six. You are also awarded a bonus roll when you climb a ladder but the same does not apply if bitten by a snake. In short, the snake does you no good in the game, it is better to steer clear of them.
  • Every time you get bitten by the snakes you have to start from the tail square of that particular snake, there is no way around this.
  • The player who finishes the 100 square first is crowned as the winner.
  • Opponents can be eliminated in the snakes, ladders and ludo on PlayerzPot.
Now with the growing number of players joining the game online, it has created a competitive atmosphere where the newly joined players find it difficult to match their skills and game-play. This then begs the question, what are the tips that can help one win cash rewards by playing snakes, ladders and ludo on the PlayerzPot app.


1. Is Playing Online snakes, ladders and ludo Safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe to play snakes, ladders and ludo board game online on PlayerzPot.

2. How To Play snakes, ladders and ludo With Friends?

Snakes, ladders and ludo is a multiplayer online game on Playerzpot. So, you can invite your friend to install the Playerzpot app. After completing registration you can enjoy playing snakes, ladders and ludo with your friends online.

3. How Many Players Can Play In Snakes, Ladders and Ludo Game?

A total of two players can play the snakes, ladders and ludo game on PlayerzPot.

4. How Do You Play snakes, ladders and ludo Online?

The Playerzpot app allows you to play snakes, ladders and ludo game online whenever you want.

5. Can 6 Players Play snakes, ladders and ludo Online?

Only 2 players can play snakes, ladders and ludo online on the PlayerzPot app.

6. What Are The Rules Of Snakes, Ladders and Ludo?

Snakes, Ladders and Ludo is a simple board game where two players can play at a time with 2 tokens to play with. Each player has to roll the dice and reach the top of the board from 0-100 in order to win. While moving up the board one can be helped by the ladders or can be stopped in their tracks if bitten by snakes. Let’s have a look at the basic rules on has to follow while playing snakes, ladders and ludo on Playerzpot.
  • You can only begin the game with a throw of 6 on the dice.
  • If no token can legally move according to the number thrown, the turn passes to the next player.
  • You get a bonus roll on getting a 6 on the dice and upon eliminating your opponent.
  • Snakes, Ladders and Ludo have a twist of ludo on PlayerzPot. Here you can eliminate your opponents. This game is known as pachisi.
  • Players can not be eliminated on the ‘Secured Spots’ in the game where the token is safe and cannot be killed. Even the ‘Start Position’ is a secured spot.
  • Each player is provided with 30 seconds to roll the dice and make their move. In case there is no response, the player misses their turn.
  • After missing three turns the player cannot further play the game and is dismissed.
  • The Player who successfully moves their token to the home triangle wins the game.

7. Which Snakes, Ladders and Ludo Game Gives You Real Money?

PlayerzPot app is the only app that hosts multiple tournaments and events of snakes, ladders and ludo to win real money.

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