Ludo, as a game, has evolved a lot from the earlier versions of Pachisi and Chaupar. Now, it has also moved from being a board game to fitting on the palm of your hand ever since the digital revolution. The advent of smartphones has not only closed the communication gap between people from two corners of the world but has also changed the way that average people can entertain themselves. With the introduction of the online ludo game on the smartphone, the game has reached an all-time high, especially in India, and has become the favourite pastime of families across the country.

This has ensured that the number of times that the ludo apps are downloaded has reached an all-time high. This is because the game is not just played for entertainment nowadays but also for winning a few bucks on the side. The game not only requires luck but also some astute tactics which decide the flow of the game. The ultimate goal of the game is to ensure all four of your token reach the finish line without being eliminated by the opponent. You also have to ensure that your opponent doesn’t reach before you and make sure to kill their token whenever you get the chance to do so.

This highly-entertaining game is one of the most played games in India. And in this modern era, there are several kinds of ludo apps you can download.

Main Reasons to Play Ludo Game

1. The Family Bond Gets Stronger

Board games, and especially Ludo, have always been something which a family sits down and plays together since time immemorial. But with the appearance of smartphones in our lives, the family members started apart from each other. Ever since these board games were introduced as applications on mobile phones, it has managed to bring back the togetherness of the family in a way that was never thought possible before. Ludo has managed to become a bridge that holds the bond of a family together in one way or another.

2. A Feeling of Nostalgia

Board games such as Ludo were traditionally played physically with a board, dice and tokens when a majority of the smartphone generation were kids. About two to three decades ago, such board games were a necessary part of every Indian household. Thus the chance to relive that experience of playing such board games with your loved ones and those childhood days makes the people all the more ready to play Ludo online. It helps revive the emotional connection that you felt with such board games when you played them during your school or college days.

3. An Excellent Way to Let Go of Some Stress

It is safe to say that there is a lot of stress in today’s world. Right from personal issues to professional issues to world issues to social issues, stress has become symbolic in today’s world. This has led to the introduction of several stress-busting tactics at very high costs. But who wants to pay so much when just a single game of Ludo can make your stress go away easily. Many people play the game as an escape from the realities of daily life and the stress that they bring with them. And it has been proven again and again the kind of relief that playing Ludo online brings to one’s life.

4. Ideal Way to Pass Away Time

With the advances that are happening in society at the moment, the ways to pass away time without much of a headache is decreasing day by day. There are often times when you come across instances where you have nothing left to do. You think of the best way to pass your time. It is then that the app of Ludo turns into your saviour. You switch on the app and pass away the remainder of your time without knowing where your free time went. Such is the way that many people prefer to spend their free time.

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5. Excellent Tool of Development for Kids

People say that it is bad for young kids to be on smartphones. While this is true, what’s also true is that some games have been developed specifically for the improvement of these young ones. Ludo is one of those games that has no age limit whatsoever. This makes it widely accessible and allows for a vast majority to enjoy the game. What Ludo does for kids is that it increases their critical thinking as well as increase their logical reasoning. It plays an important role in strengthening the decision-making skills of a kid and their thinking prowess.

6. An Excellent Way to Make a Few Quick Bucks

Although many people think that Ludo is just a means to while one’s time and is only used for entertainment, it is not at all the only thing you can achieve from the online board game. You also have the opportunity to quickly earn a few bucks while enjoying your favourite board game. If you have the skill and even a limited amount of time, you can earn well enough playing online ludo. There are several competitions set up to ensure you win along with having a blast of a time.

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