Snakes and Ladders are one of the traditional board games invented back in the 2nd Century B.C. in India. We often refer to it as the Moksha Patamu or Mokshapat. Although the inventor is unknown, some historians think the credit may go to Saint Gyandev.

The reason for the game’s enormous popularity in Indian households includes its ability to resonate with Indian ethos and tradition. Ladders represent virtues like humility, faith, and generosity, while on the other hand, snakes are symbols of vices such as lust, anger, theft, and slaughter. 

In India, people believe in the game’s morality that a person can attain moksha or liberation through doing good. On the other hand, by accomplishing evil, one can be reborn as a lower form of life.         

Education Benefits of Playing Snake & Ladder Board Game: 

Develops Basic Math Skills

Children can learn to count and build numerical skills while playing this game. Snake and Ladder gaming app is an excellent opportunity to learn simple arithmetic, like addition and subtraction. It can help you improve your performance in Mathematics, and learning in terms of playing can make the process more enjoyable. They can love Maths instead of being afraid of the subject. 

Enhances Decision-Making Skills

Players need to be decisive while placing the pawns after rolling the dice. It involves decision-making. Early learning of decision-making skills helps in education and later in life. Regular playing may help! 

Improve You as A Problem-Solver

The game also requires problem-solving ability, and you can avoid dangers like snakes and choose the ladders for improvement. 

It helps you to know that life has dangers, but they are not inescapable if you can play with intelligence. 

Increase Your Patience

Investing time and playing with fellow beings requires patience and perseverance. Both are essential life skills that one must inculcate. 

Develops Strategic Thinking

The game demands a higher level of strategic thinking ability, and this is another quality of human life. Regular practice will help you improve the skill over time. 

Improves Social Skills

Play this game with two or more players. So, it is a crucial social activity. Board games like Snake and Ladder teach social skills that help to interact with people in real life. 

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How to Play the Snake and Ladder Game?

Any game requires mastering the winning strategies. Knowing the rules of the traditional Snake Ladder help add some twists to your game. Thus, you can beat your opponent in their tracks. 

Roll your dice and start navigating the board. 

Landing on ladders progresses you to a square further up the board, whereas arriving at a snake’s mouth means returning to the previous square. The motto is to reach the final square. It is a race based on sheer luck, which is quite popular with children. Start eliminating tokens from the initial point and land with two at the finish line to win the game successfully. 

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Snake and Ladder hacks for digital platforms

  • Understand the game.
  • Avoid snakes.
  • Climb the ladder carefully.
  • Roll the dice in your favor.
  • Capture the opponent’s token.
  • Safeguard yours. 
  • Aim Number Six.

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Why Reject Offline and Embrace Online?

One of the primary differences between offline and online gaming is internet connectivity. You can install the app on your desktop, mobile, gaming laptop, or any other smart device and enjoy playing via free gaming software. 

The ease of playing, speed, exciting visuals, and sound make the play more engaging. The cherry on top is exciting rewards! 

 The game hardly requires any significant skills. Or mathematical knowledge beforehand. However, some amount of luck plays. Do not worry. It is pretty simple. You can learn to win it in no time.

Stay Connected with Your Friends!

Traditional Board games are tabletop games that demand counter movement or placing pieces on a pre-marked board or another playing surface. They teach you to play by rules and aid in the numerous social skills developments essential to our well-being. 

However, in recent times when all our friends and family members are living far away and finding it hard to balance work and life, online gaming encourages communication. They also teach teamwork, leadership qualities, and the ability to deal with immediate and surprising situations.

Why are you still thinking? Look for snake and ladder game downloads and stay connected with your near ones! 

Conclusion: Final Thoughts

Although there are several debates regarding the pros and cons of online gaming, it is not feasible to reject the advent of technology. 

 At a time when the relevance of online gaming is gradually increasing, it is better to choose games that are educational, skill-building, and not dumb! 

Board games involve developing various strategic, psychological, and mathematical elements, snake and Ladder is one such educational game that encourages one to increase their skills while making the right decision at various life events!

But when you play it online with PlayerzPot, you earn more than just skills. You earn money. Yes, money. The thing that helps you sustain in this world. You get that while playing the game. So, why are you sitting and thinking? Instead, start downloading and playing your next match on PlayerzPot! 

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