FIFA has always been very protective when it comes to executing their plans for World Cup. Apparently, FIFA has set up a task force to examine the president Gianni Infantino’s plans for a new Club World Cup and Global Nations League, just to avoid any clashes with UEFA over any sort of controversial proposals.

Infantino told in a press conference that the task force would be fully active by March 14 at a council meeting in Miami.

“On the topic that heated some of the media, we have taken a decision to create a task force at least,” said Infantino, who intends to carry out a poll on Friday.

“We have taken a decision to establish a task force to bolster the consultation process, the prospects of revamped FIFA World Cup and worldwide Nations League, to discuss and make concrete proposals,” Infantino said.

Infantino’s plans had been opposed by the World Leagues Forum and the European Leagues, urging the FIFA chief to step back from his plans and quit vote.

European governing body UEFA had also been loud on the details of their plan after the reports emerged in May, raising the prospect of a split in the global game.