Like any other spectator and a Ronaldo fan, I would raise my hand and nod my head. Indeed ever since Messi made his debut in the World Cup, he not only raised the bar of his own skills but also made Argentina among the Titans, they used to be during Maradona days. But once a jobless man with some writing skills quoted as ‘Too much dependency makes you handicap.’

Until next year, when Messi scored a hattrick for Argentina in the qualifier which lead them into the World Cup, Argentinian greats, including Diego Maradona and Mario Kemps warn that they are too much dependent on the superstar and that must be changed if the country is to have any success at World Cup, Russia. Now let’s compare Maradona’s prophecy and Argentina’s performance. Relatable? However, Manchester United goalkeeper Romero said: “We are going to be dependent on Messi all of our lives because he is the best and we know that at any time he can win us a game.”

“It was clear and evident that without him (when Messi was suspended or injured in qualifying), we struggled. Perhaps we haven’t been able to pull all the pieces together as we should have.”

“I don’t mind they criticize us for playing badly. We accept it.”

Argentina and five time Ballon d’Or winner Messi had lost 3 straight finals at major competitions in a three year span, with the first coming at 2014 World Cup against Germany.

“Unfortunately, we haven’t been able to win a tittle,” Romero said. “A lot of things have happened in the last four years that have affected us. The important thing is that we get to the World Cup in the best possible way to be in the top form for our first game.”

May be we are just spectators and not just professional players but may be as fans what we do feel when our favourite team falls and our superstar falls. And just like fans we do analyse and want things to change.