PUBG, Player Unknown Battleground, has become a trending word and coolest game launched so far for those nerds who find themselves struggling to play Fortnite and Counter Strike and also its available on mobile platforms as well. If you still aren’t aware of this game then you definitely need a ‘time’ stone to travel faster enough to cope up with the geniuses of this game.

Like every other game, this too comes with some disadvantages and the biggest one is addiction. Legends had this saying, “Addiction kills”, but some legends did say, “You should see the brighter side”. What’s so fruitful in playing a mind rotten game which involves shooting other people, that’s so negative. Well before you jump on to the conclusions, a quick synopsis to parents who snatch the phone the moment the game music plays and to all those girlfriends who gets mad the moment they find out their boyfriends busy knocking down someone else’s boyfriend and those someone else’s boyfriend getting mad at their girlfriend for calling them in the middle of the game. (Pheww… in a complicated relationship).

So, PUBG, is basically a survival game. You had to survive the game for a limited time period with limited resources along with your squad of 4.

During the period, survival tactics involve shooting down other squad to increase your kills and to balance the population of the game (Don’t think yourself as Thanos). Your squad play in a safe zone and as the times goes, the safe zone squeezes to a small circle where the final showdown begins. You are supposed to collect guns of various types with their ammos, medical kit, bombs and cola to survive in the game.

Once you get shot, the game gives you a chance to get back if and only if your friend in the squad revives you, all you got to do is scream HELP!! The game revolves around this four letter word similar to our life. You don’t know when the coin of life will flip and what will come on the top. This second you are on your feet and the other second you might be on your knees. During the times when you are on your knees, you need help to survive, you need help to revive, everything arounds you is going dark and you need some light, you need people around you and this will happen only when you are there for people when they were on their knees and you were on your feet. You must feel a saviour or more or less than a superhero who makes a last minute entrance to revive your friend, that’s what makes us positive towards life.

The game may give you only one chance but life gives you several chances to help those who fell deep into the hole of darkness and you never know when this opportunity may get pass on to others to help you, after all, Life is like vehicle, you cannot drive and cross the desert on one wheel.

At the end, its not about supporting an addiction, it’s about letting go of it but with some lessons.