Ludo is a fun and engaging game that everyone finds exciting and thrilling. It is a multiplayer game. Hence, a perfect pastime for family outings or get-togethers. It has simple rules and does not take ages to master.

Solid strategies, an attentive mind, and observation skills are enough to become a pro in ludo game. Ludo online games have allowed players to compete with people from the comfort of their homes.

Here Are Some Tricks That Will Help you Win a Ludo Game Online –

Ludo is a popular board game that has been around for centuries. With the advent of technology, it is now possible to play Ludo online with players from around the world. However, winning a Ludo game online is not an easy task. Practice makes perfect. Play as many games as possible to improve your skills and learn from your mistakes. By following these tips, you can increase your chances of winning a Ludo game online.

Bring Out Your Tokens as Early as Possible:

  • Aptly placing your tokens is the most effective strategy for winning a ludo game. 
  • In the Ludo game, you get to take out a token when you score a six on your dice. 
  • With every six, you should take out tokens until all are out. Position them at different parts of your board to block your opponents. 
  • It will help you move your tokens faster and reach home. 
  • You will also get the chance to cut the tokens of your opponent.

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Keep All Your Tokens Moving:

  • After all your tokens are out with every six, strategically divide the big scores among these tokens. 
  • Identify the potential token and give the big scores to it. Try to keep it on safe blocks of the board. Assign it to one having potential when you get multiple six scores on the dice. 
  • However, you may also use your strategy to distribute the score among the tokens. 
  • Checking the positions of your opponent’s tokens are a must before you move any of your tokens.

Capture the Opponent’s Tokens:

When you position your tokens on the board, instead of scattering them all over or flocking them all at the same place, place them at that juncture from where you can smoothly chase the opponent’s tokens. Keep at least one of two tokens at home.

In this way, things will be smoother for you to capture your opponent’s tokens. For online ludo games, capturing the opponent’s tokens gives your score. If you don’t want to miss the chance to cut your opponent’s tokens, you need to be alert while playing the game and keep an eye on your opponent’s tokens.

Try Changing the Timings of the Throw:

  • Different online gaming sites have different algorithms, and it is hard to predict while playing a ludo game online. 
  • However, changing the timings of the throw may be beneficial for you. 
  • If you have thrown the dice fast a few times during your turns, throw the dice slowly for the next turn. After you take time to throw the dice for the next few turns, you can again switch back to your initial speed. 
  • Though this strategy depends highly on the game algorithm, you can try it out as a part of your winning strategy.

Block Your Opponent’s Tokens:

  • You may not always get a chance to cut your opponent’s tokens. 
  • However, you can still block your opponent’s tokens. It will prevent their tokens from moving forward, or as they cannot move past your tokens, it is less likely for them to capture it. 
  • However, while trying to create a block, you need to observe the tokens’ position and then identify the potential ones. Plus, your focus should never be on the block while you play ludo. 
  • Once you have formed your block, keep moving forward to take your tokens to their final destination as fast as possible.

Decide on Your Style of Playing:

Best board games are a game of strategy, and every player has their playing style. If you are a new ludo player, you should start by learning the game’s rules. It will help you find the tactics that suit your style of playing.

Practice consistently to develop your style of playing. It is better to play with strong opponents as you can learn from them and incorporate their style into yours to strengthen your game. You may also look for online video tutorials. It will give you more ideas about the tactics seasoned players follow. It helps them to win their games.

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Avoid Being a Risk Taker:

For ludo players, the ultimate aim is to win the game with a high score, and therefore when you are making your strategy, the first one should be “avoid being a risk-taker.” 

You may keep your strong tokens (the ones in the third or fourth quadrant) at the safe blocks to avoid being captured by your opponents and then waiting for big scores. You can also move them when your opponent’s tokens are not nearby.  While moving a token, try to move the ones still in the first quadrant or have a much less chance of being blocked or captured by your opponent. 

Capture Rival Tokens Wisely:

  • To win a ludo game, you need to be vigilant. Keep looking for chances to capture your opponent’s tokens. 
  • If there are multiple tokens that you can cut, choose the one that is nearer to the home. 
  • If you get a chance to capture the last remaining token of your opponent, then you must try to get it. 
  • However, most online games give more points for taking your tokens home. 
  • Therefore, taking your tokens home must be your priority over capturing one of your rivals.

Minimize the Probability of Getting Captured:

In a ludo game, winning depends on the proper strategies and the player’s observation skills. While you might be busy defeating your opponent’s tokens, don’t keep your eyes off your tokens. 

Otherwise, your opponent may get a chance to capture your token. At the same time, use two tokens to chase your opponent’s. It will increase your chance of capturing their token and decrease the risk of your ones being cut. When you are cashing your rival’s tokens, maintain at least a difference of six spaces to keep your tokens safe. 

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These are some of the few tricks that will help you get an edge over the game you are playing. 

However, depending on tricks and strategies to win ludo games against strong players is never wise. You need to develop observation skills to decide how to move your tokens. Play ludo consistently and practice your games to learn and improve. Keep your mind calm and attentive. 

It will help you enjoy the game. Winning in a ludo game is vital, but having fun while playing with friends and family is even more crucial. It will also keep you stress-free and help you make wise decisions during the game.

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