Carrom is one of the most played and most-loved board games in India which is played across a variety of age groups and social groups. One of the reasons for its popularity in India is that the roots of the game go back to the 18th century in colonial India. It reached its current popularity after people from all across the world started noticing the excitement surrounding this game and the thrill it provided.

From old men to young kids, carrom has always been a huge part of Indian culture, with regards to Indian festivals and the activities surrounding it. Traditionally, festivals were a reason for the Indians to bring out the big carrom boards and spend some quality time with friends and family. Over time, some of the traditions are becoming more and more scarce. It seemed carrom, too, would be a thing of the past. But with the advent of technology, the simple game of carrom took a different approach and it began to be available at the touch of your finger.

This revolutionised the gaming industry and played a huge role in reviving board games such as carrom. Ever since then, the enjoyment of playing carrom with friends and family has returned and that has kickstarted the carrom fever amongst people once again. The latest versions of the game have also made it possible to play carrom and win cash. This has enabled the average person to not just entertain themselves but also to earn a little on the side. This development has been game-changing as it has given an exciting edge to the humble carrom.

Here Are Some of the Reasons Why We All Must Play the Online Carrom Board Game

Sharpens skill and tests your luck – As a board game, Carrom requires the highest amount of luck and patience. But it’s not to say that a person who never has played the game can’t learn to play it in a short time. Carrom also plays a big role in testing your decision-making skills and if you can predict the next moves.

Helps build patience and concentration – You can go pretty far in this game with the help of patience and concentration even if you may not possess the skills to master this game. Carrom not only concentrates on fun and entertainment but also helps with general life skills. It helps sharpen the qualities of patience and concentration.

Helps with teamwork – As a team, you learn what to do in situations where you have a better partner or a weaker partner and how to adjust your strategy accordingly. Communicating while in a team also helps with sharpening the skills of teamwork. These board games help introverts come out of their comfort zone and learn to play as a team.

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An ideal way of socialising – In times of lockdown periods, it is games like these that implement a little bit of fun factor while sitting alone in your home. Rather than while away your time on social media, why not have a lot of harmless fun with your friends playing the game that you love most? Also, online carrom allows you to make new friends and socialise with others.

Super convenient – Playing carrom games online does not need time commitments from your friends and family to play the game. Even if you are travelling and your friend is somewhere else, then you can still play with him online. Online carrom games will also allow you to compete with random players at just a fingertip on the screens of your mobile phones.

Make money while sitting home – One of the biggest advantages to playing carrom online is the little amount of money you can make while playing your favourite game. If you have the skill and even a limited amount of time, you can earn well enough playing online carrom. If the player is confident enough to win the game, then they can enter the online cash carrom games to earn real money.

Five important factors are kept in mind to start a game of carrom. The carrom board, the white coins, the black coins, the red queen coin and the striker.

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The Carrom Board

The board on which a game of carrom can be played is a square-shaped plywood board with equal dimensions and four holes at every corner. The edges of the board are edged by bumps of wood which make up the boundary of the carrom board. The dimensions of a carrom board vary from place to place.

The White and Black Coins

There are two sets of coins which are used on the carrom board. The black and the white. In professional play, the two groups are required to hit the coins which they are designated into the pockets to win a game. In freestyle play, a player can target both sets to pieces to gain the maximum amount of points. Pocketing a white coin will give you 20 points whereas pocketing a black coin will give you 10 points.

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The Queen

The queen is the most important piece in a carrom game. In professional play, one is required to pocket the queen to gain the maximum number of points. To make the queen yours, you first have to pocket the queen and then you have to pocket a cover of the colour which you are assigned (black or white). That is known as covering a queen. If you are unable to pocket the cover then the queen will come back to the centre of the carrom board. In a freestyle game, the queen’s value is a staggering 50 points.


The striker is used to take a shot at the carrom coins in a bid to put them in the pockets. You can keep the striker anywhere across the strike line to play a shot. Several different moves are possible as per your ability with the striker. And you can increase your proficiency with the striker as time passes and you keep on practising.

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