In a West versus East battle where Pune will play against Bengal in the Inter-Zone challenge week at the Transstadia Arena tonight at 8 PM.

Pune’s game is experiencing the damage driven by the absence of their best raider, Nitin Tomar as they have surrendered to successive losses paving the way to Saturday’s match. Their raiding has brought them down as they lost their last match against the Telugu team by 25-28 points. The raiders could gain only 12 raid points, while the defense had a superior trip with 9 tackle points. In the event that Nitin Tomar isn’t fit to play, one can expect the match against the Bengal to be a low scoring one as Pune will support its defense and play just on the do or die raids.

The Bengal team after a 20 point drubbing on account of Patna endured one more loss against Gujarat prior this evening with an edge of 23-35 points. They were poor in the raiding front, where they could oversee only 13 raid points. The deployment of Ran Singh as an all-rounder is hampering both the raiding and defending division of the Bengal team. They have to incorporate a particular raider as Mahesh Goud or Rakesh Narwal, or use Amit Nagar as an attacking all-rounder, and use Ran Singh in the defense where he has been incredible.

Tentative 7 players aligned for each team

Pune Team: (Captain) Girish Maruti Ernak, Nitin Tomar/GB More, Sandeep Narwal, Akshay Jadhav, Monu, Ravi Kumar, Deepak Kumar Dahiya
Bengal Team: (Captain) Surjeet Singh, Jang Kun Lee, Ran Singh, Adarsh T, Maninder Singh, Baldev Singh, Amit Nagar


Nitin Tomar and Maninder Singh
Maninder Singh has been the most astounding raider for the Bengal squad and has been reliable in his games and scoring designs. Tomar’s brilliant execution against Mumbai with 13 points in his kitty will be in a specific pronouncement of the plan to become showbiz royalty against the Bengal in tonight’s match.


Surjeet Singh, Girish Ernak and Ravi Kumar
Ernak and Ravi Kumar shape the urgent segments of the Pune’s defense unit completely. Surjeet Singh has changed the Bengal’s guard system and has done well to help his group so far.

All Rounders

Monu and Ran Singh
Monu has not been bad till now in showing an inside out performance for Pune. Ran is additionally a capable left corner defender and is intense with his dashes and tackles. Both will be expected to take up their responsibilities duly in tonight’s match too.

Match Prediction – Pune vs Bengal 

We put our bet in favor of Bengal to win this match, if Pune’s line up is not strong enough as expected.