Carrom online play is one of the most popular board games in the digital space. The game has always been popular, even before the digital revolution. But the online transformation has brought it to our fingertips.

Online games break all barriers of physical unavailability of friends and geographical boundaries. Moreso, it offers a healthy distraction from the monotonous life, loneliness, and boredom. Making money from online gaming is another reason for the proliferation of online games worldwide. The domain is risky, but learning the skills and variations and abiding by the norms can save you in the long run.

For example, knowing the fascinating variations of playing carrom board games online makes the play all the more exciting. Pocket all the assigned pieces to win. If it is a freestyle match, try scoring higher than your opponent until there isn’t a coin left on the board.

Top Trendy Variations of Carrom Board Games-2023

Although ICF has set some standard rules and regulations, some regions don’t follow all that’s there. They gave rise to different variants. So, learn some exciting variations before you go for the carrom game download.

Total Point Carrom – Have you ever played carrom with your friends inside your college Common Room? Or with your family in your ancestral home? If yes, you know how to play a Total Point Carrom game. After all, the traditional game you play with a physical board is the Total Point variation we are talking about, your childhood nostalgia. The wooden carrom board used to have four pucks, and In this game, the player can pocket the coin in one of these. There were white and black carrom men, with the red one, which was the queen. Each white carrom man used to carry 10 points, whereas the black one, 5 points. The queen has the highest point, and that is fifty. The player with the highest point wins the round.

Family Point Carrom – This variation is widely popular in South Asia amongst people of all ages. Here, a player can pocket any carrom men of any color. Flick the striker and pocket the carrom men. Choose one of the four pockets for that. Here, the black carrom men carry 5 points each, and 10 points for each white, while the queen comes with 25 points. After pocketing the queen, you must pocket carrom men of any color to get the points of the queen. Yours is the match if you earn the highest points at the end of the game.

Point Carrom – This variant is popular among children in East Asia. Here, each white puck carries 1 point, the black pucks also have the same point, and the queen carries 3 points. If you pocket a queen, you must do the same with a puck in the successive strike to cover the queen. No sooner do you score 21 points than you can win the game. The players need to play a tie-breaker round in case there’s a tie. 

Dubro – Dubro is popular in Karachi, Pakistan. The board must be larger than the usual size of the carrom board. Here, the players need to slide the striker instead of flicking it to hit the pucks.

Professional Carrom – Each player is assigned a color, and you can pocket pucks of that color, and nothing else, in this variant. Widely played in the UK and India, the game consists of 29 points. However, if you score less than 21 points, you can cover the queen, but you cannot do the same if you score more than that. Make sure to pocket the queen before the last puck. Here one point is assigned for pucks and three for the queen. You are free to decide your striking style.

Tokyu-Ban – Japan first introduced carrom in the early 20th century, carrom. However, there it was known as Tokyu-ban.

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The Digital Shift of the Carrom Board Game

Carrom’s online play has immense popularity throughout the globe. Playing online is more convenient due to the ease of playing and accessibility. Plus, online carrom playing allows you to earn money. All you need to do is learn the trick to pocket all the assigned pieces, either white or all-black ones.

Amazing Tips That Will Help You to Master the Carrom Board Game Online 

You must be aware of the best carrom board tips and include them in your game:

  • Side shot
  • Middle shot
  • Cut and take
  • Thumb hot
  • Alley-oop
  • Second hit
  • Board shot
  • Cut shot

Apart from that, other striking techniques you can apply to make an efficient break shot and pot the carrom men.

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Playing with the Right Attitude: 

Maintain a positive attitude throughout the match. No matter if you are winning or losing. Have fun and keep a good balance between online gaming and your daily life.

Practicing Different Striking Styles:   

Use your middle finger and thumb, index finger, upright, long fingerstyle, index fingerstyle, thumbshot, and thumb style. 

Practicing Accurate Speed:  

Try to have an apt speed and power so that the carrom men enter the intended pocket with enough force and speed.

Getting the Right Direction to Strike: 

Maintaining accuracy concerning the directions becomes critical for potting the carrom men while playing carrom. 

Positioning Yourself Comfortably: 

Know the distance between the carrom board and the one comfortable to strike before you start playing. 

Giving Due Importance to the Queen:

Giving due importance to the queen is important while playing online carrom games because it yields more points than regular coins.

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The article has discussed some of the best carrom variations widely played in varied countries and regions. The Carrom Board Game Online rules are more or less similar to the Professional Carrom variation. Hopefully, these facts will benefit you. You will learn skills, enjoy the play, and earn real money if you want to.

To master the skills of the game, you must employ a carrom club winning strategy so that your opponent cannot steal it from you. Play any variation you want and apply the tricks to enjoy the popular board game online with your family and friends.

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